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  1. CJ8LVR

    Steering Woes

    Need some help guys. I seem to have lost about 75% of the "power" component of my power steering in my Scrambler. Stock power steering gearbox with M.O.R.E. bracket and cross brace mounted to aftermarket mandrel bent full rectangular tubing - so no, the frame isn't cracked and or flexing...
  2. CJ8LVR

    1981 "Chetah" edition?

    Anybody ever seen this "Chetah" edition? New one on me.
  3. CJ8LVR

    Pitman arm and tie rod making contact

    Doing a tie rod / drag link flip. Got everything on the top sides of the knuckles and installed. Pitman arm end of the drag link is attached to the bottom side of the pitman arm. Pitman arm is a NO DROP flat pitman arm. Jeep has approximately 2" suspension lift at this point. I'm getting contact...
  4. CJ8LVR

    Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    Thought I'd do a writeup on how I added an additional bow to my Bestop Supertop. The bow that I used was a spare CJ-7 Whitco "front hoop" from a factory bow assembly but pretty much any bow should work. Got mine from Engbull on this forum. Look him up and shoot him a message. He said he had...
  5. CJ8LVR

    2013 SOA Event T-Shirts (Sales Open!)

    2013 SOA Event T-Shirts (Sales open even to those who can't make it this year!) Scrambler Owners Association 10th Annual National Scramble T-shirts available for purchase. The SOA will place the order for the 2013 SOA Event T-shirts Monday May 13th (Deadline for ordering will be May 10th)...
  6. CJ8LVR

    Well, I have joined the unemployed.

    Last Wednesday, I was furloughed as a direct result of the Sequester we've all been hearing about in the news. Not a very fun thing to go through. Company paid me through the end of the week and will have full insurance coverage for 60 days. At the end of that 60 days, if the company has new...
  7. CJ8LVR

    4.0L Fuel Rail Supply Line Connection Help

    Guys, I need some help with fuel lines. 4.0L out of a '96 Cherokee. The fuel rail has only one supply line going in (no return line as there is a supply line coming out of the regulator back near the tank). I'm trying to re-route the supply line down the passenger side frame rail coming over...
  8. CJ8LVR

    Happy Birthday George!

    Happy Birthday George! (Gscram) :birthday:
  9. CJ8LVR

    Heart rate

    Anybody else get a little bit excited whenever they pass a post office just because they see Jeeps in the back lot? Nothing real cool, just enough to elevate the heart rate a little bit. I have a sickness. I need a support group. Maybe I should join a Jeep owners club or something? :shrug...
  10. CJ8LVR

    Jeepster Commando Clutch Help

    My brother-in-law needs to put a clutch in a '67 Jeepster Commando with the Buick V6. Any recommendations out there? Experience? Stock or upgrade. Drives it a good bit - not a daily driver but close. Not a trail rig but no trailer queen either. Just a good functioning one. Thanks for the input...
  11. CJ8LVR

    Blue Ribbon Coalition's Greg Mumm is making his rounds

    Some of y'all may be interested in this. Greg Mumm, Executive Director of The Blue Ribbon Coalition (which the Scrambler Owners Association is a supporting member organization) is making his way around the country meeting with folks and hearing their side of things. A cool idea. I was able to...
  12. CJ8LVR

    Very Cool Woodworking Project Jeep

    Y'all check this out. Really cool.
  13. CJ8LVR

    Neil Armstrong

    I'm a young guy compared to some here. I'm 32. Born in 1979. 10 years late you might say. I'd imagine many of you were alive in 1969 when Mr. Armstrong took that famous step and said those famous words. Where were you? Tell the younger generations here about that feeling. Make you proud to be...
  14. CJ8LVR

    Sherbworthy build

    Although not exactly his style, it did remind me of the 'sherbs work. Just stumbled across it and thought some of you guys would appreciate it. Enjoy. Hope you didn't have plans tonight. :popcorn:
  15. CJ8LVR

    June - My Favorite Calendar Month

    I have a Young America's Foundation calendar in my office at work and when I flipped the page to the month of June I found the picture of the month, appropriately for the month containing the Scrambler Owners Association National Scramble, was of President Ronald Reagan driving his beautiful...
  16. CJ8LVR

    Bestop 1/2 upper door question

    Guys, I have a set of steel 1/2 lower YJ doors and a Bestop Supertop. I want a soft upper that will fit these doors and the soft top. Bestop seems to have two options. A 1/2 soft upper that is made for a YJ steel lower and will fit the curve of the Bestop Supertop soft top. They also have a...
  17. CJ8LVR

    Looking for suggestions on LED lights

    I want to add some interior lights to the roll cage I've been building and was wondering if any of y'all have any suggestions? Some things I'd like to see: LED Waterproof White light (not blue) 12V obviously Small Not stick on but maybe a screw on application
  18. CJ8LVR

    Eric Walton : This is for you man :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:
  19. CJ8LVR

    EMP proofing a Scrambler

    Here's a little discussion that I'm curious about: What would it take to EMP-proof a Jeep Scrambler? Perhaps for a bug-out vehicle. Solid state ignition, coil, battery, etc. What would need to be protected? I'm talking about a stock 8 with a 258 and very few accessories. Thoughts, discussion?
  20. CJ8LVR

    Under Roll Bar bracket question

    Hey guys. Quick question: The bracket / gussets that are underneath the two front "feet" or foot pads of a factory roll bar that tie in to the body and support the "step" underneath.... are they spot welded to the body or is it just the 8 bolts that hold them in place? Anybody have any idea?