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  1. scott anderson

    Seatbelt/ roll bar bushings/ grommet...what ever u want to call them.

    I used to send these kits out. I do not have the access to get these like i used to .. The bushing kits i have been sending out are a parts package for a monroe shock. For a half inch upper stem mount shock. Go to Oreilly's and see if they can order the parts packages...the part number is...
  2. scott anderson

    I cleaned out my inbox

    my apologies to the people trying to send me PM's
  3. scott anderson

    Sold my scrambler.....

    guy come by and made an offer i could not refuse....hope i am still welcome around here
  4. scott anderson

    rancho display at the plant today

    even with all their toys..the still got a kick checking out my scrambler
  5. scott anderson

    My wife must love me!!

    look what I got for my birthday!!! :cheers:
  6. scott anderson

    My annual conflict has been resolved!!!

    As some of you know...I have in the past has a conflict that has kept me from ever attending a National Scramble. Today the JAG Corps announced that the annual course that I am required to attend has been moved to start 6/18 instead of 6/11. Sooooo...i hope to make it up to the scramble for at...
  7. scott anderson

    I am putting my bumper design in Solidworks2012

    not quite done..but here is a sneak peak
  8. scott anderson

    looking for and Iron duke bell housing

    Guys...I got a friend that is mating a SBC to a T5 trans...does anyone have the elusive Iron Duke bell housing that they would sell
  9. scott anderson

    Brake solutions to old problems

    I have been running 4 wheel disks for quite a while. After I installed the 1 ton running gear,I put a hydraulic brake booster on my rig. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the braking. The one issue was warped rotors on the front. I finally broke down and put new ones on. After this, the...
  10. scott anderson

    Parting out 97 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4

    Eric..If this is in the wrong place...feel free to move it. Parting out my truck. It still runs great, but the trans is shot. After trying to sell it as a unit, I have decided to part it out and make a trailer out of the back half. 5.9L 180,000 miles If you know of anyone looking for Ram...
  11. scott anderson

    Fly fishing near Idaho Falls

    My neighor and I will be visiting a friend in the area. He is a Guide and will be taking us on a 3 day 2 night trip down the south fork of the snake. He will then have to service other clients, leaving 3 or 4 days for us to fend for ourselves. We plan on doing some "hike in"fishing in the...
  12. scott anderson

    Gaithersburg MD

    I am going to be in Gaithersburg Wed and thursday and Friday 1-3 June...anybody in DC area wanna have a beer? I wont have wheels but we could meet at my hotel.
  13. scott anderson

    too pretty in Arkansas today to not take a jeep ride

    here is a pick right before I took off for work this morning
  14. scott anderson

    Anderson 4x4 Fab.

    I am caught up around the shop. If anyone has something they want built, now would be a good time.
  15. scott anderson

    Just finished my homeade windshield frame

    crappy picture...but i have prolly the only cj in the world with a glued in windshield :cheers::woot:;)
  16. scott anderson

    quick question

    I got rid of my fuel tank...put in fuel cell..i had an intank pump..decided to go with inline the question..should the pump push gas thru the fuel filter like it did before..or guess is push to avoild possible cavitation..any thought remember i run a 5.7l chevy efi from a...
  17. scott anderson

    Need help on steering column

    I went to hook my steering shaft back to the column last night. For some reason the shaft is not sticking out far enough on the column to get the clamp bolt to go thru the groove on the column shaft..this is curious because it worked fine when i removed it..any suggestions are appreciated.
  18. scott anderson

    Gull Wing Scrambler

    I just finished installing my roll cage..then I got an idea..I am gonna build full tube doors that hinge at the spreader between the A and B pillar and open UP!! with gas spring assist like the hatch on a Yukon..Cant wait to see the design phase now..prolly be a couple of weeks befor...
  19. scott anderson

    paging carbine31

    got this done...let me know what u think and i will ship it
  20. scott anderson

    Finally making headway on my repair

    My cousin is coming over Friday to use the boom on his tractor to lift the body back on after the frame repairs. It has been a long process.. I did make the body mounts from bushings and sleeves from work...that saved several bucks...anyway pics to follow as progress continues...hope to have...