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  1. tcn426

    Just getting started-again

    Getting back to the restoration and have a few questions: 1. What brand of brake/fuel lines would be recommended? 2, Plastic or steel fuel tank? 3. At this point I am planning on running the stock 258 but was thinking of possibly using a Holley fuel injection system versus a carburetor? Thank you,
  2. tcn426

    Replacement body panels

    Well i purchased a replacement floor from krage/jeep.doc today. It should be here in the next week. I have removed both fenders and the grille. I am planning on lifting off the body, rolling out the chassis and then start on the floor replacement. I am planning on replacing the rocker panel...
  3. tcn426

    84'scrambler rebuild

    Purchased an 84' scrambler a few weeks ago that is in need of both the front floors and the rear floor. Have a sheetmetal vendor that can make up most of the items for the rear floor and supports but I think i should replace the entire front floor. Any recommendations who to buy the floor from...