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  1. sxer

    Steering stops

    I have an 81 Scrambler with stock suspension, no lift. 31" tires. At full turn either direction I get a clunk which sounds and feels like the tub oil canning. I am quite sure I can correct this by adjusting the steering stops to eliminate that last bit of turning. I'm just wondering if anyone...
  2. sxer


    I made a step for my '81 Scrambler. I didn't want to drill into or clamp onto the frame so I used an existing skid plate bolt and a body mount bolt. It is very solid. I had it powder coated and added non skid.
  3. sxer

    Push rod lenght

    I am finishing up my rebuild. I fired the engine for the first time last week. It is a 258 that I totally rebuilt. The engine started fine and I set the timing but it had a bad miss at idle. I checked all the obvious things but found nothing wrong. I finally noticed a puddle of antifreeze on top...
  4. sxer

    Air cleaner with Vanco power brakes

    I finally got my Vanco power brake system and installed the master cylinder today. I have an '81 Scrambler with 258 and Carter carb. What air cleaner are you guys using with this set up? It looks like I have a maximum of 3 1/2" from the center stud of the carb to the vacuum booster. Thanks Bob
  5. sxer

    dash pad cover

    Has anyone found a dash pad cover that they like? Mine is cracked pretty bad but don't really want to spend what it costs for a new one. Thanks Bob
  6. sxer

    Change lube in SR 4

    This is probably a stupid question, but how do you change the lube in an SR 4 transmission? I can't find a drain plug in the bottom, but there looks like there is a boss where a a hole could be drilled and tapped for a pipe plug. It is mated to the 300 transfer case in my '81 scrambler. What is...
  7. sxer

    Homemade console

    Here are some pictures of a console that I made from MDF and had covered. It works very well. It keeps the radio from getting wet and provides an arm rest. I ran the wires in some plastic flexible conduit across the floor on the side of the hump to under the dash. I have a drawing and the...
  8. sxer

    Need Help

    Not too long ago someone posted an excellent picture of the gas tank with all the connections labeled. I thought I printed it but of course now I can't find it. Does anyone remember it? I tried searching but couldn't find it. Thanks Bob
  9. sxer

    My rebuild

    I am doing a frame off rebuild of my '81 Scrambler. I plan on keeping the Jeep for a long time so my main goal is to kill the rust as well as possible. I am not making a show truck out of it. I will be doing almost all the work myself to keep the cost down. I have had it apart for over a year...
  10. sxer

    speedi sleeve

    If your front seal is leaking and the seal lip has worn a groove in the balancer, it is much cheaper to install a speedi sleeve than to buy a new balancer. I bought mine at NAPA for around $26.00 for the 4.2L engine. It is a very easy install. Bob
  11. sxer

    Can't figure this out

    I have a situation on my '81 Scrambler that is really bugging me. I have a 4.2L engine and what I think is all stock transmission, transfer, and differentials. The drivers side rear tire tracks about 2" inside the front tire. On the passenger side the rear tire tracks directly in line with the...
  12. sxer

    Body off frame

    I have the body off the frame of my '81 Scrambler and pretty much stripped. If anyone needs pictures of how something comes apart I would be happy to post them. Bob
  13. sxer


    I am leaning towards wrapping my Scrambler with camo from What does everyone think? I would prefer to paint it but don't want to have the Jeep tied up that long and pay what it would cost for a good job. I was thinking of flat or matte black with clear coat. If I wrap it I can...
  14. sxer

    E-Bay HEI Distributor

    Does anyone have experience with these "new billet" HEI distributors on E-Bay? My local junkyard doesn't have a used GM one so by the time I buy a used one and have it shipped here, then replace cap and rotor and buy the gear, I'm almost to the cost of these new ones they are selling. Bob
  15. sxer

    Blower motor part number

    I replaced my leaking heater core and did the blower motor upgrade. I bought the new motor at National Bushing /Auto Value. Their Parts Master brand part number is 35587. Also on the box was API 7135587 and Everco M892. This motor has a thick reinforcing ring around the outside of the motor and...
  16. sxer


    Today I was working on my 81 Scrambler. The steering wheel has always been a quarter turn off when going straight ahead, so I thought I would adjust that. In the process I used a carpenters chalk line to string from the rear tire to the front tire to tell when the front end was parallel to the...
  17. sxer

    lessons learned

    A couple lessons learned the hard way this week. On Sun. found that the heater fan didn't work in my Scrambler. Checked fuse- OK. Checked for power at the fuse panel and found none. By the time it dawned on me that I needed to have the key on when I checked for power, I had the dash taken apart...
  18. sxer


    Does anyone know how to get around paying the high cost of shipping when ordering from an internet site? I ordered a stainless steel kit from one site for $80.00 and the shipping was $12.99. I ordered an aluminum valve cover from another for $66.00 and the shipping was $19.00.This was for UPS...
  19. sxer

    ignition timing

    I brought home my first Scrambler this week and was doing some tuning today. It is an '81 w/258 and 4 speed. Carter BBD carb.Some one before me has removed some of the emission equipment.It appears it had an air pump and that is gone. I am trying to get the idle smoother. I set the timing @ 8...
  20. sxer

    need help

    I am new here so I'm guessing this has been asked before. I have a chance to buy an '81 Scrambler for $800.00. It had a 350 Chev but the engine is out of the vehicle and needs a rebuild. Except for the engine everything appears to be stock. It is rusty in (from what I've read) all the normal...