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    ‘98 XJ Brake Issues

    I’m working on a ‘98 4x4 XJ rear brakes. I have replaced my drums, shoes, all hardware, wheel cylinders, and hose from body to axle. Bled system. With the adjuster fully closed, I installed drums without any resistance and can turn by hand(transfer case in N). If I put the lug nuts on and...
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    Thoughts on this 81

    I’ve been looking at this 81 and I'm thinking it’s worth about $2,500. What do y’all think?
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    Stripped a very solid 82 yesterday

    Came across a very solid 82 model yesterday. The hotrod company that is performing the restomod called me to go and blast it. I was very excited to do it but it was like rubbing salt in old wounds. I sure miss my old one but know that I will get another one. Hope I can find one that is at least...
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    Suspension and axle questions for future build

    Since I sold my Scrambler 1.5 yrs ago, I have been miserable. Not that I can afford to build one now, but I am in the business to trade work for parts and start collecting. So, I have been thinking on what I wanted. I know that it I will be running a 5.3lt LS with a 4l60E, tires no bigger than...
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    Scrambler on facebook

    Saw this on Facebook today:
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    Jeff's Safari Top on Facebook

    This showed up in facebook today! Pretty neat!
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    Some people have all the luck!

    A local woman inherited 2- 1947 Willys CJ2A and a 1949 Jeep truck along with a small, 14,000 acre ranch from her grandfather in Texas. She is having the Jeeps completely restored as her grandfather had them. I am the lucky one to come in and blast them. I started yesterday and was completely...
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    HAPPY 4th OF JULY!

    Happy 4th of July to my Scrambler family! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day! And gets to have some Scrambler time!:usflag::usflag:
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    Scrambler sited on I-10 headed West!

    Spotted a very nice dark red or burgundy Scrambler on a transport truck headed west on I-10 just east of Lake Charles, La. Someone is getting a beauty!:headbang:
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    Caster questions

    Ever since I purchased my 8 I have had thought the caster was off because; 1) the wheel doesn't return to center after turning 2) excessive wandering(all steering components new) and 3) 4" lift and no shims. I recently had it sitting on stands resting on the axles and did some checking. I...
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    RPM question for XJ owners!

    I have been driving my son's 98 XJ a lot lately and noticed that at 70 mph it is running at about 2300-2400 rpms! This seems a little high to me and I wanted to get y'all opinion? It is stock, 4x4, and has P235/75R15 tires. I checked the speedo with a gps and it is accurate. I don't have any...
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    Diesel vs Gas? What's your opinion?

    I am starting a small business where I will be pulling a trailer weighting around 4,000 lbs plus up to 2000 lbs in the bed. I am having trouble deciding between a duramax or a 6.0lt gas. I will be on a very tight budget and the cost of maintenance and repairs on the diesel are a lot more but the...
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    Funny Jeep posting on iFunny!

    My son saw this on iFunny:
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    Now a two Jeep family!

    My son turned 16 yesterday. He said he wanted either a Cherokee or an El Camino. I figured the Cherokee was the best choice for a first vehicle. Found this one that was traded in at a dealer about a hour away. 1998 102,100 miles $4,500 :bacon: Needs valve cover gasket and front pinion seal...
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    Birthday gifts!

    Last Thursday was my birthday and my girlfriend really hooked me up with some Scrambler goodies! Not to mention some Jimmy Buffett shirts and a poster from a Buffett concert. Got a couple of seat covers, wall clock and a new Hot Wheels to add to the collection.
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    Chevy Colorado- Good? Bad?

    I am looking at a 2004 Chevy Colorado for my son and I have very little experience with these. Has anyone on here had any? I was working service at a Chevy dealer when these came out and we didn't have many problems with them but I left in 05. Does any one have a CarFax account they could run...
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    Dash lights turn off ?

    I have noticed that all of my dash lights turn off when I turn on the interior lights. Is this normal? Everything is stock.
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    Anyone know anything about wet blasting?

    I am thinking about starting a portable wet blasting business and was wondering if anyone has ever delt with someone that has done it, or has any experinece whatsoever. Some of the brands I am looking at are Dustless Blaster, GeoBlaster and Clean Blaster. I am looking harder at the GeoBlaster...
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    Great find but a sad sight!

    One of the perks as a salesman, I get to drive around looking for business but I also get to look for interesting Jeeps and other vehicles. Well today I spotted this and thought it was pretty sad to see it sitting in grass as tall as it is in a wrecking yard and it looks in great shape (at...
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    This Site Is Number 1!!!

    I have said it before and read it on here many times that no other forum is as helpful as the people on here. For the last month, I have been working on my father-in-law's 91 Suzuki Carry mini truck that he uses for hunting. After sitting up since last season, it would not run due gummed up...