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    OEM rear bumper restoration

    Spent a few hours finishing up the restoration of these CJ8 rear bumpers. They all started out as chrome. I had them all stripped and whatever pitting that was on there (extremely minimal) was worked out of the metal. Had two of them re-chromed and the other two powder coated. They all look...
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    My new 85 S/R

    Excited to share my latest find. Very original 85 S/R. It has not been driven in years. The person I bought it from bought it from the mother of the deceased owner last year. It has sat since the early 2000s. Looks like it will be my next project after completing my Jambo. Really nice shape and...
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    Anyone interested in a possible trade? 1976 Bronco

    Has the title States, I would consider training my 1976 Bronco 4 a low mileage unmolested scrambler. This Bronco is work close to $40,000. Received a frame-off restoration by a professional shop and it is damn near 100% mint and original. Depending on the condition of your Laredo, I may require...
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    My new 82 Slate Blue Scrambler

    Hey guys. Been looking to get in to the Scrambler world for a short time. Finally found a nice one! It has absolutely zero rust and will be receiving a full restoration. I'm looking for preferable a NOS slate blue full interior, to include seats, dash, visors, etc. Anyhow, here she is...