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    What Cam do i have?

    Hey guys I picked up a 84 cj8 last year and am finally tearing it down. 4.2 automatic tranny. I dont know much about the history of the engine only that it ran on an electric pump.. after trying to get 2 separate mechanical pumps to work I realized.. (through this site) that someone had put a...
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    Whitch Automatic transmission?

    Hey guys I'm trying to order tranny filter and gasket but I'm not going what tranny this is??
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    Hi guys.. I've been lurking for about... quite a few years.. always a huge fan.. but now I can officially say I am the proud owner. I found this jeep on craigslist in the middle of Camp Wood Texas. It's in great shape mostly all original with even original paint. The owner told me it runs but...
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    Bryan again ... can someone tell me if my pics are visible on my "My First Jeep" post? Can't see them on my end, but may just be my computer. Thanks!
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    My First Jeep

    Hey guys! This is my new truck! Looks good but needs a lot of help. Frame is rusted out but looking forward to getting some help from you guys. This is a test post to see if I can get these pics up! Bryan