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    Help with BDS YJ spring conversions

    I’m piecing my lift together using M.O.R.E 4”shackles and BDS 3.5” YJ springs. What I’m running into is the shackles won’t clear the spring eye. I doubled checked part number (4351) and they are correct. I feel like they might be marked wrong? Any help is appreciated
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    Do I have a lift?

    I bought my Scrambler about a year ago and am now thinking about a lift and tires. From what I’ve been reading 31” are as big as you can go on stock springs. I’ve been doing some measuring and it seems I could fit 33”s ? My tires now measure 29”. I’m 20.5” at the rockers, 35.75” at the...
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    Need help with 151

    I have an 81 CJ8 with the 151 and an SR4. I've only had it about a year and haven't messed with it much. It starts and idles fine but when I drive it after about 20 minutes it will die on me. It acts like its flooded. After about 45 minutes to an hour it will start up again just fine...
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    Has anyone used this fuel tank?

    I’m looking at a new fuel tank for my 81 scrambler. I’ve see this one several places and some say it fits and scrambler and some say it does not. It’s the same part number so I’m looking to see if anyone has used one. Thanks in advance.
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    A2 same as AA? AMC 20 axle

    Ok guys here’s an easy one for probably everyone but me. I was told when I bought my Scrambler that it’s had 2.73 gears. I wanted to verify and found the chart that says A = 3.54 and AA = 2.73. Mine is stamped A2, is that the same as AA or does the 2 mean something different. Thanks in advance.
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    What transmission?

    Ok guys I’m fairly new to the Jeep world and got an 81 Scramber that needs some attention. Right now it’s a 151 with an SR4 and 2.73 gears sitting on 29” tires. I want to do a lift and move up to 33’s. So here’s my question. I have a 350 330hp motor sitting on my shop floor that’s begging to...