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    What parts from other AMC's also fit Scramblers?

    Let's say your walking through a junkyard looking for Jeep parts. If I don't see much Jeep stuff but I happen up on a Gremlin or a Spirit, or a Concord or any other of the AMC cars, what are some parts that are essentially the same as Jeep parts? The drive train is a no brainer, just want to...
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    What kind of feedback would you leave if you were me?

    I've been on a temporary layoff for 5 weeks now. I normally work a lot of hours so my projects usually don't progress along very fast. Having family and an old house, etc, Jeep time is further down on the priority list but I do enjoy it. With the layoff I have been able to really catch up on...
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    Yea I'm into old Jeeps

    About 2yrs ago I was at my old job working with a new guy. He had seen me drive my Scrambler and CJ5 to work. One day he said, " So your into old Jeeps"? Yea, I guess you could say that. He said my father in law has a bunch of old Jeeps. So my interest was peaked. I question this guy a bit but...
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    Saw this on my Facebook feed, wonder what she'll bring?
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    Aftermarket or NOS?

    I've had these for several years. Was told that they were NOS when I bought them, just trying to verify. Thanks
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    Need source for a frame crossmember

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a part that I can't seem to find and thought I would post here to see if someone could point me in the right direction. The fuel tank mounts via the fuel tank skid plate. I'm looking for the rear crossmember the skid plate mounts to. Mine is pretty rusty and...
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    Any forum memebers in Spring City Tn?

    I was down there a few weeks ago buying a 4 wheeler. Saw a really nice Scrambler in someone's yard. Didn't get a pic, I was in a big hurry. Looked like it was a very capable machine. Appeared to be on ton axles, has a nice full custom cage.
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    Looking for replacement panels

    Anybody know of a good source for the rear body mount panel? Not sure what the proper term might be. It's a panel on the underside of the tub that the body mounts go between it and the frame mount? I see the rear frame section in the catalogs but I need the body section. Also need the...
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    Spring swap questions

    I've got an '79 CJ5 with 4" lift springs and 35's I'm wanting to swap to my '82 Scrambler. I know the '82 has wide trac axel's but I was hoping the springs would work so I could save some $$$. I appreciate the help, thanks in advance.
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    Will a 999 work with a 360?

    I have an '82 Scrambler, one of 400 automatics I believe I was told. I'm about to add 35's and the old 6cyl has been showing low oil pressure for a while. I've got a good 360 I've considered replacing the 6 with. Will the 360 bolt up to the factory automatic? Any issues I need to be aware...
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    Scramblers apreciating faster than other classics

    Just read in JP Magazine : " Here's the job of the Haggarty Vehicle Rating: Track vehicle performance related to the classic car and truck market, and depreciation and appreciation. The vehicles above the 50th position in rankings are appreciating faster than average, according to the rating...
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    Tub Rear Corners?

    Anybody got a source for the rear tub corners that fit and work well? The area around the tail lights, seems to be a common problem area. If you've had experience with something that worked well let me know. Post or PM, thanks...
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    Tips on removing factory decals?

    Anyone have any tips on removing the factory decals? I plan on using a heat gun. These are the original decals, not worried about the paint. I was going to remove them before sending it to be media blasted.
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    Was the Dana 44 an option in 82?

    I've owned an 82 Scrambler Laredo almost 3yrs now. I bought it from the original owner, I believe he told me he ordered it. It's a 6cyl automatic. I was under it the yesterday and was kind of shocked to notice it had a Dana 44 rear. I thought all CJ's got AMC 20's except for the 86's. The old...
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    Looking for an automatic shift rod clip...I think...

    My 82 Scrambler needs a clip (I guess thats what you'd call it?) for one of the shifter rod linkages where it connects to the automatic trans. A while back I took it for a drive, stopped at an ATM, put it in park, when I went to leave and got on the HWY I noticed it was in L2 so I grabbed...
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    Tuned it up but still have a miss...

    My DD '82 Scrambler with the 258 auto has developed a miss. 2weeks ago I installed new plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Last week ran a bottle of "HEET" in the tank to possibly remove moisture in the fuel and put half a can of "SEA FOAM" thru the vaccume line at the brake booster, the other half down...
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    Tilt column qustions

    My column had the usual wobble that GM columns are well known for when the 4torx head bolts get loose. I had dealt with it and hadn't bothered to fix it til last week when I thought it was in park and it wasn't, near disaster. What I was wondering, I've tore it down and tightened the 4 torx...
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    A great Christmas present from the wife!

    This was quite a surprise
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    Cracked Doors, why does this happen?

    I've got 2 Scramblers, all 4 doors have the traditional crack just past the vent glass. I've got 2 that I bought for parts, same thing. I'm talking to a guy, tryin to buy 2 sweet non-cracked doors that are in really nice shape orig paint an all. What makes 'em crack? How can I prevent this...
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    Has anyone bought a frame frome Quadratech? Are they good quality?

    My frame has a few holes, I've thought about repairing them. Just exploring my options and wandering if the ones I've saw for sale in the Quadratech ad are as good as OEM?