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  1. barrys

    Zipper stuck!

    How do you fix a stuck zipper. FWIW it's a Bestop tiger top on my CJ7. I can't move it pass the messed up part where the zipper didn't mesh together right.
  2. barrys

    Shipping a rear seat?

    Has anybody found a U-haul box or a box that you could buy at Home Depot or Lowes that would work well for shipping a fold and tumble rear seat. I have a burgundy one that I might be selling and a few YJ rear seats and trying to find the easiest way to pack them up. Thanks.
  3. barrys

    PA Jeep Show 2020 cancelled

    The show was cancelled today, bummer. It was going to be in Carlisle this year. Hopefully next year they can have it in York like it usually is.
  4. barrys

    East Jeep Safari and Daytona Jeep Beach events cancelled

    Both cancelled due to the obvious things going on in this world. First time Easter Jeep safari has been cancelled 53 years.
  5. barrys

    Quadratec free shipping

    Got an email this morning. They are offering free shipping until March 20. No minimum and no oversized surcharges. Need tires, bumper, winch, lift, you can save some money. Might get a few small things and save shipping charges.
  6. barrys

    Air system parts source

    Any sites you have used to buy onboard air parts, mostly plumbing parts. I have several tanks and compressors. Current setup needs refinements(york and a small heavy welding gas looking tank - way heavier duty than needed). Also plan on installing a complete setup in my 2004 Ram 1500...
  7. barrys

    Has anybody used COMP Cams K68-232-4 Xtreme 4X4 206/212 Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit for AMC 199-258/4.0L

    I picked up this set off craigslist new this weekend. Has anybody used it and what are your thoughts on it after running it. Thanks Here's what comp cams says about it... Excellent torque and throttle response, great upgrade for stock cam in fuel injected applications. 800-4,800 RPM...
  8. barrys

    Stuck brake bleeder help

    Changed the manual master cylinder on my '86 CJ7. All the brake bleeders are stuck. With seals in the wheel cylinders and calipers, I am leary about using much heat. Any tricks? I thought about using a miniductor to heat the bleeder up and hitting them with a variety of areasols, wd40, pb...
  9. barrys

    Anybody near in north Central Vermont amd Vermont title question?

    Found a truck 8 hours away, wondering if anybody is near Montpellier(20 miles northeast) that could put eyes on it. Main concern is under chassis rust. Body looks clean in pictures. Also, owner only has bill of sale(15+ years and older that's ok in Vermont). Not the case if I brought it back...
  10. barrys

    Carfax / Autocheck account anyone?

    If my truck is totalled, I found a potential replacement. Wondering if anybody could check the VIN for me?
  11. barrys

    Speedhut black friday sale

    20% off until December 2 until 5PM Mountain time. I remember somebody saying they wanted to take advantage of it. Here's your reminder.
  12. barrys

    Weird battery cable question

    So I have large rolls of china made very flexuble 4 gauge copper audio power/ground cable. More like 8 gauge high quality cable. Would running 2 or three runs with properly attached eyelets(crimped & soldered) give the same "benefits" of say a quality 2 or 4 gauge battery/ground cables...
  13. barrys

    Painting bumpers

    Got a raw steel bumper to paint. Just going to use black spray paint. Do you guys use primer first or just paint. Just using black Rustoleum. My days from autobody school say use primer. Many paints say use primer for better adhesion. I am not using hammer finish stuff even though people...
  14. barrys

    2019 PA Jeep Show

    Who is going this year? Its July 20-21 at the York Fairgrounds in York, Pa. I will be there all weekend, getting there Friday late afternoon hopefully. No Jeep again, just my camper and my brother. It's a big show, they bring in something like 60 tri-axle full of dirt and rock to make an off...
  15. barrys

    Bestop CJ7 age?

    Anybody have any idea when Bestop stopped making this type/color top? Supertop with 1 piece doors in light blue??
  16. barrys

    Seat ID?

    Anybody know what brand/kind of seats these are?
  17. barrys

    AMC car show in Farmington, CT August 25

    I know nothing about this but saw in on craigslist. AMX, Javelin, Classic, Rebel, Matador, American, Rogue, Gremlin, Spirit, Rambler, Marlin, Pacer, Concord, Hornet, Eagle, SX4, Hudson, Nash, Metropolitan, Jeep Come...
  18. barrys

  19. barrys

    2018 PA Jeep Show

    Who is going this year? Its July 21-22 at the York Fairgrounds in York, Pa. I will be there All weekend, getting there Friday late afternoon hopefully. No Jeep, just my camper and my brother.
  20. barrys

    NOS steering wheel question.

    I have a NOS Jeep steering wheel. I plan on trying to sell it soon but would like help identifying exactly what it would fit and the actual color, other than red. I got it probably 18 years ago with a "set" of NOS side boards and some wiring harnesses. Set is in quotes as they are both the...