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  1. hdttm

    Before the snow is gone.

    Looks like an awesome trip!!!!
  2. hdttm

    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    That's beautiful!
  3. hdttm


    I think that was a bad commercial. I hope the real gladiator was not harmed in the making of it. Absolutely no respect for the history of the brand.
  4. hdttm

    New project, non Jeep

    That is awesome!
  5. hdttm

    Scrambler Ambulance

    That is pretty cool. Would it be a "Scrambulance"?
  6. hdttm

    Heading to Michigan UP

    That looks like an awesome trip and a great find! Let me know if you are down in this area sometime at the Lakehouse, or I could head up the road a bit and see it in person
  7. hdttm

    Heading to Michigan UP

    That looks great - Congratulations!
  8. hdttm

    Tire pressure - running on a beach

    Thanks for the replies. His truck is a 2010 Chevy 2500HD The park service recommends 11 PSI for running on the sand - he seems to think that a little too low and obviously wants to avoid sidewall damage or peeling the tire off the rim - recommended on road pressure is 60 front and 72 rear. -...
  9. hdttm

    Tire pressure - running on a beach

    I'm jealous of all of the Sand Blast pictures, and really hope to participate sometime soon. I'm asking this question for my best friend. He had a CJ-7 "way back when" . They were out on Cape Cod with the kids, got a permit and were able to go on the beach with his truck. The question...
  10. hdttm

    Visible Spot Welds

    I was never able to buy a new CJ. The ones I had when in school all had visible spot weld marks, and I'm pretty sure they were never repainted or had any major body work. My 1st "new, off the showroom floor vehicle" was a '87 YJ. It did have the same visible spot weld marks as my earlier...
  11. hdttm

    Early "Jeep"

    My brother has been a long time collector of Hit or Miss engines - he recently "upgraded" to something more advanced that runs on the road. He still has his engines, but this one really is cool, and I think very special. It is a 1916 Overland - He's been doing a lot of work on it and got it...
  12. hdttm

    Military trailer

    That is all sorts of cool!!! It's absolutely worthless without a fully readable data plate, so if you want someone to take it off your hands.... I would be willing to give you some of your money back. Just kidding of course - great find!
  13. hdttm

    Added some decals

    Thanks, Kane Yes - Rt 116 is a heck of a fun ride on a motorcycle - I still love riding that route.
  14. hdttm

    Added some decals

    Other than screwing up some of the placement - I think I got them looking OK, and had to cut off the ends to go over the wheel wells, because I put the bottom stripes on 1st. Overall - very happy with the decal kit, and brought it down the road for a few glamour shots on the local covered...
  15. hdttm

    Dashboard Pad

    Just be mindful of the type of ends you are looking for. If you have hard doors with the triangular vent windows, you will want the dash pad with the skinny ends.
  16. hdttm

    Windshield washer bottle, and separate bracket ?

    That makes sense - I appreciate the info. I can't seem to fine a replacement for the charcoal canister, I'd prefer to hook one up and see if it helps smooth the idle out, which really isn't bad, and I think that would help.
  17. hdttm

    Windshield washer bottle, and separate bracket ?

    It is carb 15 gallon tank - The rollover (and the other) valve - there are 2 tucked up in the upper part of the left wheel well - I had them both out - and the lines seem to be good to both - should the 2nd be connecting to the [missing] charcoal canister?
  18. hdttm

    Windshield washer bottle, and separate bracket ?

    It has the 258 inline 6. I haven't found any cut/blocked off vacuum lines - The garage doesn't stink of gas... well now that I replaced a leaking fuel line, but other than that - what other parts would you think missing? The charcoal canister does make sense though
  19. hdttm

    Windshield washer bottle, and separate bracket ?

    2 questions - not really related. I'm picking away at some minor stuff - 1 being that I'm looking for a windshield washer bottle and pump. I know I can buy an aftermarket set pretty cheap, but if someone has a setup they are looking to sell - I'd rather buy from a member here. I do have the...
  20. hdttm

    My "new" dream Scrambler

    I went to the local parts store, and got the cross reference to the 1156 LED bulb. It isn't anyway near the # of LED in the housing that you have, and probably no-where near as bright. I will try to get a set of those. Here's a quick comparison - certainly a noticeable difference Original...