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  1. gpassida

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

  2. gpassida

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Wow! Your tub and other parts look amazing! I am about 2-3 weeks out from getting my tub and parts from my body/paint guy. (Voodoo Blue Color) It's a 5 hour drive one way. I have been thinking about the best way to transport it back. I love your idea of securing it on the body mounts like...
  3. gpassida

    The '83 - Family Man

    Wow. Not wasting any time with this one! Amazing progress!
  4. gpassida

    Times They Are A Changin'

    I have three kids. My youngest daughter just turned 16 and wants a JK 4-door. (she'll have to wait a while on that...) My son is just shy of 18 and in the Marine Corps. He's a 331 Machine gunner. He just got certified to drive the new JLTV (Humvee replacement) and said it is bad ass and can...
  5. gpassida

    Pouring oil into my frame to preserve it longer!

    I used the Eastwood products and hope they work. Lots of prep time cleaning out the inside of the frame several times. Then sprayed four cans of their Internal Frame Coating. Taped up EVERY frame hole and then pulled one piece of tape and sprayed that section. Did that along both rails...
  6. gpassida

    My 1982 California to Utah to PA

    Also, you are setup nearly identically to me. I also have a 1" body lift and 35x12.50 BFG MT's. So you are capable of some serious flex. In one of your pics, it looks like you have the stock bump stops in the rear. You can see it in the snip I took below. Then you can see my extended bump...
  7. gpassida

    My 1982 California to Utah to PA

    Nice! Those are the same as I run. They ride nice and flex really well. They are YJ 1" SOA Springs. I'm not sure how much rock crawling or roads with big ruts you will do but those springs will allow major flex so you will need to make sure your bump stops are set at the right position...
  8. gpassida

    My 1982 California to Utah to PA

    Love your Scrambler! Great find! Are those springs the Rubicon Express 1444(5 leaf) or 1445 (6 leaf)? Probably painted on the top. I use the 1445's and love them. Great flex with the spring over. One thing to check is to do some test flexing on a ramp or similar. I have the Currie tow...
  9. gpassida

    New Full Hardtop Install

    Looks great! I like their design. Thanks for posting the pics!
  10. gpassida

    Rocker panel protection on my new paint job

    I had these made by Hanson Enterprises about 21 years ago. Worked great. They wrap under and bolt to the roll bar support. Took lots of big hits at Moab and the Rubicon. These pics are just before I started tearing down my jeep. Will be doing the Poison Spider stuff you see in the last pic...
  11. gpassida

    Painless CJ Wiring harness

    I will keep an eye on that. Thanks.
  12. gpassida

    Front Shock Mounts

    For comparison, here is a pic of my frame a few weeks ago. The front shock towers are the F-250 ones tower210 mentioned. They are part Ford Part number E5TZ-18183 I paid about $30 each. And I attached a couple of flex pis right before I started the tear down. I have Rubicon Express 1445...
  13. gpassida

    Painless CJ Wiring harness

    Thanks for the report! I will be ordering one soon. Did you find a discount anywhere?
  14. gpassida

    Social distancing wheeling

    Awesome pics! Looks like a great run.
  15. gpassida

    Scrambler photo contest

    At Tamarack Lake - Nor Cal: Social Distance from Mt. Shasta...
  16. gpassida

    Scrambler photo contest

    Then: And now...
  17. gpassida

    Early first Postal drive of 2020

    Here's my 15 year old daughter learning how to drive a manual transmission. That smile was glued on her face the whole time! Pretty hard to stall with a 125:1 crawl ratio...
  18. gpassida

    After Market Tubs

    Wow. That's painful to see. Were you home when it happened?
  19. gpassida

    VIN locations?

    Thanks. It does match the last 4 of the VIN.
  20. gpassida

    VIN locations?

    Sorry to resurrect a 20 year old thread... I've got my Scrambler down to the frame now. Preparing to paint it. I found this on the passenger side frame rail on the hump. Does this mean my 1982 Scrambler was #5721 produced that year?