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  1. Craner8

    Origin of the name “Scrambler”

    Haven’t seen this answered before. Anyone know how AMC came up with the name ”Scrambler”?
  2. Craner8

    Lost a Vet Tonight

    Lost one of our greatest generation tonight. Like a father to me. Offered guidance, humility and direction. Harold Young, 94 years old, WWII vet. Met 30 years ago, when I knew nothing. Taught me how to build walls, build a shed from nothing, calculate rafters, lay a floor. A true master. Never...
  3. Craner8

    Hurricane Matthew

    If the reports are correct, we are going to get hit hard. Boarded up beach house but they predict devastation. We will get hit in Orlando too. Tropical winds up to 60 mph pm today, hurricane winds tomorrow. Spent three hours getting 20 sandbags this am. And to those on the coast, vacate. And...
  4. Craner8

    New-to-us Non Jeep

    Bought a1993 Blazer for my daughter who is getting her license. High mileage but new GMPP 5.7 and 4l60e transmission. Second owner. Florida truck; rust free. Everything works. Has a clunky Auburn in the rear likely to come out. Other wise , runs great.
  5. Craner8

    Best Travel Route Bismarck to Mt Rushmore

    Traveling from Bismarck to Mt Rushmore Saturday. Need the Scrambler community to tell me the best, most scenic route traveling through the badlands and seeing the national parks. It's on the bucket list. Like to stay about 1 to 2 hours from Mt. Rushmore Saturday then to Rushmore and Crazy Horse...
  6. Craner8

    Happy 4th, 2015

    Happy 4th to all! Enjoy the time with family; mine will be here tomorrow. Eat well, rejoice, and remember our vets and first responders. Thanks to all here on this site who served, continue to serve, and first responders. Be safe.
  7. Craner8

    Great Movie

    Just saw "American Sniper". Very moving and very well done. The audience was silent at the end. I recommend it. And many thanks to all who have served.
  8. Craner8

    Heater Motor Replacement

    Need to replace heater motor. It was easy when I had the heater box out. Can't recall tho, do I need to remove entire heater box to get to it? If yes, are there a couple of screws in the firewall and remove the cowl vent? And yes, I will upgrade to Blazer motor. What year do I need to source it...
  9. Craner8

    Sheered U-Joint

    Sheered off the rear u-joint and broke carrier today. Traveling ten miles per hour thankfully. Dropped drive shaft. No indication prior, no noises. Just broke. Why? Aged parts, rear end lock up? Would it be wise to replace the carrier and u- joint first? Or pull diff cover and inspect? Appears...
  10. Craner8

    Need Post re: Headlight Bucket Resto with Ford Parts

    Isn't there a post on here regarding restoring/repairing the headlight buckes with Ford parts? Can't locate it. The adjusters in mine don't adjust well, and I thought someone here used parts off a Ford bucket. Thanks.
  11. Craner8

    Sherwood Green Scrambler at Mecum Kissimmee

    Going to Mecum tomorrow p.m. Looks like they have an '83 Shewood Green 8 going for auction at 4:05. Lot numer w179. If I'm there in time I'll watch it and see what it goes for. Two other 7's too.
  12. Craner8

    Insight into 'Rebuilt' Title

    Looking at a 7. Owner spoke about a 'rebuilt title', Kentucky, but didn't mention that it was wrecked, or damaged in flood. Told me it had something to do with it being in storage for many years and needing a lot of work to get it driveable again, new gas tank, etc. Does this sound right in...
  13. Craner8

    Brake lights stay on UNLESS pushed

    Ok. Problem with brake lights. They didn't work, may have worked through that problem checking grounds etc. Now they come on all the time unless brake pedal is pushed, then they go out. I understand switch may be improperly adjusted, but when I reach up to switch, it doesn't feel like the...
  14. Craner8

    Weatherpaks Go Bad?

    Have no brake lights. Checked switch and its good. Pulled steering wheel to turn signal switch and cleaned it with wd40 and put a little nalox on it and reassembled it. Still no brake lights. Have electricity going to weatherpak under dash near emergency brake from fuse block, that routes...
  15. Craner8

    Rambling, Electrical Fire

    This is a 'rambling' but not a cj8 rambling. Maybe in the wrong place. If so, feel free BW to move or delete. Neighbor had an electric golf cart plugged in, inside garage. Apparently cart sparked due to charging and caught fire. Burned house almost to ground. Unlivable. Devistating loss...
  16. Craner8

    Headlights Don't Work

    Electrical problem. Noticed low beam lights weren't working other day. Then they came on, then out. Then, high beams went out. Replaced dimmer switch with a Napa replacement today. No change. Replaced the headlight switch with a Napa switch today, no change. The tachometer went out three weeks...
  17. Craner8

    Bad Tachometer?

    Tach went out. Checked hot wire and re-grounded the ground wire. Have electricity to it. Connection under hood is fine. It's an aftermarket, possible Crown. About two years old. Do they just go bad? Any ideas? BTW, pain to access. Had to drop the AC to reach up behind. Not looking forward to...
  18. Craner8

    Dumb Question: Lockers

    I've heard people use the phrase ' lunchbox lockers'. What are they and are there nonlunchbox lockers? Does it simply refer to one added to the differential?
  19. Craner8

    Plastic Window Cleaner-Need Rec

    I want my plastic side windows on my top to look like JScherb's Safari top!!! Anybody recommend a great cleaner to remove cloudiness and light scratches? Looking at 3M products so far. Also, proper technique to do it? Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  20. Craner8

    Engine Won't Start

    Finished up the 8 last month. Have put 700 miles on it. Took out for a test run last weekend (of course, with the entire family with me) and it shut down. Driving it down highway at 65 mph, heading up incline, just shut down. Cranks, wont start. It has a HESCO fuel injection system on it via...