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  1. onesourcemike

    Coffee walk!

  2. onesourcemike

    Really never noticed the statistics of the forum

    Are these accurate numbers? If so, I had no idea so many people visit the site.
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    Speedo not working after stereo install.

    So yesterday I decided to try to get the original oil gauge working again as well as the original clock and a few of the lightbulbs. I also installed a brand new Stereo. I drop the AC unit and decided to go ahead and take the dash panel off. After few hours and a few oh $hit moments, everything...
  4. onesourcemike

    81 Scrambler

    Does anybody remember what this jeep sold for at auction? Thanks 1981 Jeep Scrambler 151 CI 4-cylinder engine 4-speed transmission Ground-up restoration New Burgundy exterior paint New interior New TDK...
  5. onesourcemike

    Americana Floor Mats

    Anyone know where to find the Americana Floor Mats? I have been looking for a while and was told they are no longer being made.
  6. onesourcemike

    Huge THANKS to Kim (KimDawson) and Steve (CJ7Pilot)

    I came home yesterday from a long day at work and the one piece of mail that was in the mailbox was the door pulls that Steve sent over to Kim to paint for me. :bow: Usually I come home to bills in the mailbox :banghead: Anyway, they look awesome and I will install them this weekend when I get...
  7. onesourcemike

    Thanks to John N!

    Wanted to thank John N again for meeting me a month ago on the side of I95 so I could pick up a console and backseat he had. Was finally able to install them this weekend and they both worked out great. :bacon: The Dog is very happy, she now has her own back seat to ride in! I will have to post...
  8. onesourcemike

    Door seals

    Hopefully picking up my hard doors from the painter next week and wanted to go ahead and replace all the seals on both doors. Looking for a seal kit and came across this. Anyone else know of a good place to order a complete seal kit. Looking at quadratec and 4wd it appears that I will being...
  9. onesourcemike

    CA guys, Need some help!

    Trying to locate a forum member that lives around any of these cities in CA: Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Highland, Redlands. If you do please email me or post if you think you can help me check out a cj that I found. Thanks for the help :cheers:
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    83 Restoration

    Finally getting some things done, :bacon: I will post several pics because it’s self-explanatory on what’s happening. I am torn on what color to paint it, I really think I’m going to go ice blue and put a blue decal kit on her. If I go that route I will be putting the seats up for sale. They...
  11. onesourcemike

    Start them off early!!!!!

    A buddy just sent this pic to me! :headbang:
  12. onesourcemike

    83 color options

    Trying to locate a source that would tell me all the color paint options for the 83 model. Thanks for the help :cheers:
  13. onesourcemike

    Look what showed up last last month in front of the house!

    I did it again!!! :crazy: Make a very long story short, I did it again! I bought this 83 last month and thought I would share it with the group! I bought it from a guy in CA and had it shipped back to me in NC. Very solid CA jeep however it does have a little more surface rust than I...
  14. onesourcemike

    Wagon Wheels

    Finally had time to clean and polish the wheels I picked up. They sure came out good! :headbang:I hope to get them on the jeep tomorrow. The more I do to this jeep the more attached I’m getting to it. I will post more pics as soon as I have them installed!
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    Further off topic: Lets see your four legged kids!!

    These are my two knuckleheads, both are Labs: Abbie (12) and Joe (10) Best dogs I have ever had!:thumbsup:
  16. onesourcemike

    Another Great bumper from Scott Anderson

    Thanks Scott, After a month of not having time to install the bumper you made for me, I finally installed it this week. :headbang:
  17. onesourcemike

    Hard Top is back on for the winter!!

    I finally broke down and put the top back on the Scrambler for the winter. :angry: This weekend I hope to install my new bumper which Scott Anderson made for me. Picking it up from powder coating today :bacon:
  18. onesourcemike

    Power Steering

    Has anyone added power steering to there Scrambler? I came across a complete power steering setup and would was thinking of buying it if its not going to me a major pain to install. :banghead: Any feedback would be great! Thanks