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  1. Bad Karma

    HELP!!! NEED AN ASSIST!!! (Utah)

    Found 3 Willys Jeeps for sale south of Salt Lake City that must go as a package deal. Need help getting them from seller and either storing until mid December when I can come out to get them or help with shipping. Let me know if you can help...
  2. Bad Karma

    7th Annual Sandblast Logo design needed ASAP!!!

    As some of you know, last year I had the Sandblast logo designed and had stickers and shirts made for the event. I was going to do the same for this year, but my graphic designer friend flaked out on me. :banghead: :angry: This summer has gone by so fast and I only now realize that the event...
  3. Bad Karma

    Canadian Moab Convoy

    We left Bowmanville last night at 5ish pm and made it to the in-laws in Sarnia. Had to do one minor quick fix. The mirror kept trying to improve the aerodynamics of the Jeep. Left Sarnia at 5am this morning. Was making awesome time, cruising at around 80-85 mph while averaging...
  4. Bad Karma

    JK high back rear seat in a TJ/LJ

    I have always hated how the back seat in a Jeep has been so low. Not the safest in the event of an accident. After toying around with somehow adding head rests to the factory seat, I stumbled onto a thread on "Expedition Portal."...
  5. Bad Karma

    Newest addition... Austin's Jeep

    Picked this up on Saturday (Aug 31). 2005 Jeep TJ Unlimited. 6-speed 118000KM (73000ish miles) Got a bit of a road trip out of it too... Flew from Toronto (12:40pm) to Moncton, New Brunswick. Bought it then drove it back 1500ish KM (930is miles) wasnt uneventful... drove it about 10...
  6. Bad Karma

    Amphibious Scrambler (sort of)

    Check this out!!! Pretty sweet! If you read the specs, they made it CJ-8 dimensions!
  7. Bad Karma

    Spankrjs is that you??? (Jeep police chase in Missouri)

    Raymond? What the hell???
  8. Bad Karma

    Measurement request for 2003-2006 TJ/LJ owners

    Can someone please measure the angle between the door sill to the top of the seat slider? (I drew yellow lines, they dont show up too well) Thanks!! :bow:
  9. Bad Karma

    Diesel Wrangler got the green light!!

    Too bad I wont be buying one... maybe...
  10. Bad Karma

    Barrett Jackson Jeeps.

    There are a few sweet ones, and a few not so much. Wonder what the Scrambler will go for. (restored)
  11. Bad Karma

    TJ/LJ frame dimension needed.

    Looking for someone with a TJ/LJ to measure the width (drivers-passenger or visa-versa) of the tube in the front of the frame (where Antirock style swaybars go through) I'm guessing/hoping its 34" Thanks!!!
  12. Bad Karma

    License Plate swap?

    I have a license plate collection hanging in my garage. I have been collecting with my grandfather since I was 5. I know alot of people hang them in their garages or man caves. Anyone interested in trading? I have a bunch of Ontario plates. just got these :D
  13. Bad Karma

    New addition to our fleet...

    As some of you know, Connie was looking at the white CJ-8 that was on Craigslist in Indianapolis. Well, we missed that one. I was at work the other day and I get an email from Connie saying that she found something... We went and picked it up that night... Here it is... 1961 VW Beetle...
  14. Bad Karma

    Post #1001. Time to think back...

    Holy crap this is post #1001 for me... oh how time flies... heres the Scram when we bought it from RED SCRAM (Bryan)... (June 2010) Leaving Bryan's place. My wife driving the rental car (Toyota Echo). Our "hotel" room for the first night. With a beautiful view of the Pacific on...
  15. Bad Karma

    Another quick survey: When did you get into Jeeps?

    The hobby thread made me think back to when i first got into Jeeps... Whats your story? Heres mine... I remember watching Macgyver when I was a kid. He had a black CJ-7. It got destroyed and he ended up with a black YJ. Loved that show. Got my first Jeep (was my first vehicle too) when I...
  16. Bad Karma

    tub body mount dimension and frame dimension needed.

    need measurement on tub and frame (rustycrawler, i'm looking at you :D ). want to compare mine. something is off, dunno if its my tub or if its the TDK frame. (think frame mounts are off since my tub was on the factory frame fine.) mount #6 to mount #7 (center to center)
  17. Bad Karma

    speedo cable and booster boot

    My speedo cable is toast. any one know where to get a good OEM quality one for a reasonable price? I also need the rubber boot for the brake booster rod at the fire wall. cant find them anywhere... thanks
  18. Bad Karma

    Gas tank vent seals???

    I want to replace the gas tank vent rubbers on my poly tank before I install it. (poly tank has 2 of them.) anyone know where to get them? are there any interchangeable from later model cars? I would like to be able to get one local at NAPA (or where ever) so I dont have to order one from...
  19. Bad Karma

    batteries mounted above rear axle?

    been toying with the idea of mounting dual batteries up under the body in that space above the rear axle, in front of the gas tank. I think I can fit 2 Optimas up there and still have room for the exhaust. I am planning on mounting my shocks on the outside of the frame so this frees up more...
  20. Bad Karma

    4.0L issue in CJ...

    OK, just swapped the 4.0L that was in my Scrambler into my CJ-7 (which also had a 4.0L) basically, I swapped drivetrains between the Jeeps. Both ran perfect when pulled (The CJ-8 engine was the one that I drove cross country in June) anyways here is the problem. engine starts and idles...