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  1. cjrusty

    popping noise

    i recently welded new spring pads on my axle and had a little trouble getting an accurate reading for my pinion angle. but i did my best. i have a 4" lift and originally had degree wedges installed but did without them. i went wheeling 3 times since and after making turns i would get a popping...
  2. cjrusty

    tj tube fenders on scram?

    my neighbor just bought a new used tj and it came with tube fenders on it. still primer grey. he also has stock fenders and will re install them. so i was wondering if i could install the tj tube fenders on my cj8. i am sure i would have to do some modifications to attachment points but not...
  3. cjrusty

    driveshaft ujoints size help

    going wheeling in the morning and was going to get spare u joints for the front and rear driveshafts. i went to auto store and i told them what i was wanting. but they could not tell me if i need 4 different types or will one size fit all positions. anyone know the answer or have part #'s. i...
  4. cjrusty

    need some quick help motor mounts

    got it worked out
  5. cjrusty

    back order blues

    i just ordered some superwinch locking hubs from quadratec and was told they are on back order for at least a month. doesn't even have them listed on site anymore, 4wheelparts stopped carrying them. jcwhittney wants $200 plus for them. anyone have any ideas who i should try? i don't want...
  6. cjrusty

    going vertical with carb

    as some of you may witnessed at nationals i have a problems with flooding, so now that i am back i was talking to my eccentric neighbor that lives down the road. he has this carb that he invented that can run an engine upside down. it was a carb that had no float bowl but worked like fuel...
  7. cjrusty

    engine mount frame braket?

    the arm that comes of the frame and attaches to motor mount has rusted out needs to be replaced before nationals. i was thinking about using jack and a real short 2x4 and placing it next to mount to jack it up a little just enough to get job done. or should i place the jack under oil pan just...
  8. cjrusty

    anybody have latest issue of.......

    i was thumbing threw some magazines today. i think it was fourwheeldrive. and they had some towing tips and stuff, then there was an article of an installation of spring helper or leveler. the product i think extended the bump stops to help level tow rig while in tow. if anyone has a copy can...
  9. cjrusty

    need e-brake help

    I took apart my rear brakes late last year and now starting to put back finally. As I am putting it all together i see in my book it says there is a square spring that goes on the end of some lever. I have been in the parts store and they have the hardware kit but no square or rectangle springs...
  10. cjrusty

    gotta back out of nationals

    update: backing out of backing out well basically i get paid on a commission and sales are so low my pay has been less than half lately. my wife and daughter want to go on a vacation too so i have to cancel my trip. I hope someone gets some good video and posts it on youtube for me. hope...
  11. cjrusty

    who's camping @ nationals

    sorry if this has been already discussed but i have not been on the forum in a while ( I tend to find things to buy if online too much). last year I was just one of a few who camped and was kind of no fun with everyone else staying in hotels. but camping is cheaper and it fits my budget so i...
  12. cjrusty

    yet another problem(axle,rear)

    :mad: :angry: ok ok i know i posting a lot of questions lately. but things are just getting worse. here is my problem. i am intalling new axles, put in inner seal and spacer and bearing. checked for clearances and get 2 different readings on differ sides. i take it all out but everything is...
  13. cjrusty

    more locker install help

    ok i have a few more questions. first how much to torq down bearing cap bolts? i know ring gear bolts are 65ft. lbs. right? 2nd i have 1 piece axles since i have the thrust block out do i need to put it back in? 3rd i bought my lockrite used and do not have copy of instructions other than...
  14. cjrusty

    u-bolt flip

    my u-bolts and spring plates are pretty trashed, i had to cut them off (the rear). and now need to be replaced. i was thinking about doing the u bolt flip and read some where that you can only do it with soa setup (i am under axle) for clearance issues. does this just apply to the front and...
  15. cjrusty

    carrier bearing/shim?

    as usual i am ill prepared for the job. i am installing a luchbox locker and need to remove the carrier. how and what do i need to remove the shims and race? any help and tips appreciated. i was doing some searching and someone said to just pry the carrier, will this be ok to do?
  16. cjrusty

    drop in locker?

    i am gonna finally get a lockrite in the amc 20. i was wanting to know (i did search) what gear ratio's will just drop in. i have a 4:88 thanks
  17. cjrusty

    more driveshaft ?'s

    ok i have a gift cirtificate to tom woods shafts and i would like to use it, but i have a few qusestions. i have a 4 " lift with add a leaf in the back. i also have the transfer case drop kit. i would like to get rid of the tranfer case drop kit. would i need one of those double ujoint type ends...
  18. cjrusty

    yukon axles

    i found a pair of yukon axles w/bearings and shim kit, new still in box for $75 bucks. are these worth the 1.5 hr drive? i have a set of alloy axle type new to install. should i keep them as spares? i don't really know yet what axles shims are but i don't think i have them with alloy axle's, so...
  19. cjrusty

    trailer length?

    well i am getting sick of trying to borrow a trailer to go out and play. so i am looking at trailers, and was wanting to go as small as possible. what is too small? i was thinking about a 16' trailer. other than room will there be a difference betwwen 16 and 18'ers as far as ride quality or...
  20. cjrusty

    aussie lockers

    i was looking for a cheap locker for the amc20 and heard a lot of good things about the aussie locker, and they are cheap. but of coarse now they are no longer making them for the amc20, i was told if i could get 100 pre orders they would make i just need 99 more, any...