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  1. Dirty Dave

    I killed my Alaskan Postal by accident today........

    I was loading up my Jeep to take my Daughter and Dad up to the woods to go shooting. The Jeep would not start so I, took off the air cleaner and started it. Its a auto, and some how it slipped into reverse the door was slightly open, so it caught on the pillar between the garage doors, the door...
  2. Dirty Dave

    Okay, Sway Bar is installed upsidedown

    So I have been chasing issues with wandering all over the road. I switched out the steering box and that improved everything . All the normal stuff checked. Then I looked at the swaybar tonight and its on upsidedown. Meaning instead of horns down, horns up. Woul this make the steering issues...
  3. Dirty Dave

    lost all fan clearance

    So I have a 258 with an auto tranmission on my Alaskan Postal. Madjp62 gave me a heavy duty radiator, my old one was thrashed. I put in the radiator and now I have no clearance between the radiator and clutch fan. The fan wont even fit now. Everything appears to be in the right place. What am I...
  4. Dirty Dave

    Yes, another Postal Build Thread

    Okay, So here it goes. I bought a 1984 rusty POS Alaskan postal while I was working in the sand box. Everytime I came home, I disassembled and stacked parts. I bagged and labeled, and so far have been missing at least one bolt for about everything as I repair, fab and reassemble. Yes I know...
  5. Dirty Dave

    Radios and CB's

    My dad has been saving all these old radios and CB's. Is there any interest for restoration fanatics, in these, pics are advailable.
  6. Dirty Dave

    wife is mad, POSTAL top

    Well, I bought an Postal top from goingpostals,for 1000$, which I was so happy, I almost cried, because I needed the doors, and I was going to modify the top, for a custom CJ-7. Well madjp62, picked it up tonight and took it to my house in Stayton Oregon. Then he put the top, complete, with...
  7. Dirty Dave

    No more model 20 love

    I used to hear people complain about the model 20, but every jeep I ever had, was equipted with one, and I never had any sort of problem. I have dorove all my jeeps as daily drivers, and done some light wheeling, mudding in all, no issues. So i was backing out of the driveway today, when i...
  8. Dirty Dave

    world cab doors

    well I have given up, I cant find glass for the left door, I asked and called all the glass companies known to man, some laughed so hard at me, I hung up on them. So who needs some world cab doors, left has no glass, will trade for a right cj door Dave
  9. Dirty Dave

    I am going nuts, talk me out of this

    Okay I will be back in 79 days after being here in afganistan since April of 09. I have bought parts every two weeks for my alaskan Postal project< and will do thread starting then on total build. When I am done with that, The vehicle will be better than it was new. Some parts are already...
  10. Dirty Dave

    Seats, my wife is killing me

    So, every two weeks while I am over here in afganistan, I buy parts for my postal project. Last week I bought Besttop trailmax II front seats and a rear fold and tumble tor my two daughters (jeep chicks) to sit in the back on. Well my wife tells me today, she thinks I should have bought 4...
  11. Dirty Dave

    Alaskan Postal spare tire location

    So, both myseld and Madjp62, could not fine where or how the spare tire is mounted in an Alaskan postal, no way they went out on deliverys without one. There is no roll bar mount and no swing out tire rack. Where? We will be bringing Mad Jp's back to stock with all markings and stripes
  12. Dirty Dave

    WTB Postal or CJ-10 right side door glass

    My new postal has a regalar Cj rounded glass window instead of the square corner window. Any one have a spare to sell, or can it be made. Will a CJ-10 door glass fit?:eek:
  13. Dirty Dave

    After over a year in the Jeep Cacoon

    MadJP62, texts me every day and gives me crap about my jeep not running and being driven, and basicly being in an Jeep Cacoon. Well IT IS RUNNING AND DRIVEABLE. LOL. Where is yours MadJP?????? Could not drive it to my house today, LOL:eek:
  14. Dirty Dave

    engine roll over

    So lets say that you roll your jeep and it ends up upsidedown. You shut off the engine. Now repair starts was should you do before starting the jeep again. Besides changing all fluids?
  15. Dirty Dave

    horn pin

    Okay there is a metal pin in the horn assy, bought one, but it needs to be cut down to the right lenght, but I have no example to go by. Any one got a loose one they can measure
  16. Dirty Dave

    gear thingy

    So I am putting in a new lock tumbler in my steering column (non Tilt) today, and I cant figure out why the key turns to far back and gets stuck. Well I take it apart and find there is a plastic gear thingy that has a tooth broke off on it. I search the internet and I cant find one. Anyone...
  17. Dirty Dave

    Another Question

    As some of you know, I am slowly building my own body. The tub I got from Madjp62 looked good until I started to cut out the rust. I have replaced the rear floor with diamond plate steel, new wheel wells from classic enterprises ( well worth the price) and spliced the front half of a YJ on it...
  18. Dirty Dave

    Stock position

    I need to know where exactly is the stock position for the radio antenna. like from seam lines:confused:
  19. Dirty Dave

    Chiefwaho Frame Plates Da Bomb!!!!

    Just got a set of rear frame plates from cheif Waho, these things are awesome. Look great and on the test fit, they are darn near perfect. If you can you need to score some of these.
  20. Dirty Dave

    I must admit that I am a IDIOT!!!!

    Okay, so I am rebuilding my tub and have no idea of the exact measurements that the three small supports and one long one in the rear section are spaced and lined up, I am in desperate need of a set of mesurements from the back forward. Help me!! I bow to your vast and superior Jeep knowledge