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  1. Kim Dawson

    Fuel fill hose and vent line.

    My Scrambler has the 15 gal steel tank centered in the frame. I was trying to find 1" and 3/4" fuel fill hose from a roll to connect to the filler. I'm not finding those sizes. Does anybody know of a source? If not, looks like I'll be buying the short bent ones made for the 15 gal tank and...
  2. Kim Dawson

    Vacuum Canister Question

    From left to right, one, two, three, four. One is plugged off on two of my CJs. Two goes to the roll-over valve. Three to vacuum at the carb. And four to some vacuum switch near the carb. Where is one supposed to go? And four goes in as far as the raised ring and stops. Is there something...
  3. Kim Dawson

    Master Cylinder & Booster for CJ

    A few years ago I bought a used TJ booster & MC thinking I would use it on a CJ. I made an adapter bracket that would put it in the right position to fit the CJ pedal. This all looked very nice until I put it on the car. I can see that the booster will interfere with the hood. I see on ebay lots...
  4. Kim Dawson

    What texture type "paint" have you used inside your CJ8 tub?

    So many different brands or types of texture coating. I'd like to use a coating that I can spray body color. Getting the tub ready for paint and I'd like to use something I can do myself. If you guys could tell what you used, how well it adheared, if you needed special spray equipment...
  5. Kim Dawson

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    I've made end caps that fit our Scrambler bumpers. Now I'm going to make end caps to fit the J-10 or Honcho trucks for 1977 to 1979. I'm haven't had any of the Jeep trucks so I'm asking for a little clarification of which ones had which bumpers and end caps. I thought the 1980 Honcho hand...
  6. Kim Dawson

    Supercharge your Jeep?

    Magnum Powers makes a kit for 96 to 2006 Jeeps for about 5K. I think BigWalton has tested this for JPFreek. The foundry that cast the end caps for us also makes the castings for the superchargers. Yesterday I asked who he was making the supercharger castings for and it's Magnum Powers in...
  7. Kim Dawson

    Dana gears fit what?

    I got these gears with a Scrambler I bought in pieces. They appear to be new. Stamping on the pinion says: JH DANA D3 45564 41 10 B6L415 . Ring gear has 41 teeth and the pinion has 10. Must be 4 10 ratio. Will these fit any DANA front or rear axle? I haven't done a gear change in a...
  8. Kim Dawson

    Help identifying steering wheel colors available

    The slotted 3-spoke steering wheel showed up on CJs about 1981 or 82 through 86. Does any of you know what colors of leather were used to cover these wheels? Other than being used on CJs, were they used on J10s, Eagles, Wagoneers or any other AMC vehicles that you know of? Here's a picture of...
  9. Kim Dawson

    Acme Hardtop Catalog Info

    I have 84 and 85 ACME catalogs which show the hardtops they had available. Here are the pages with the info on them. So many times people ask for identification of a Scrambler Hardtop and maybe this will help. If someone else has a catalog showing Classic or Grisly or any other brand hardtop...
  10. Kim Dawson

    Strange dash radio opening!

    A dash trivia question. This dash came with a recent purchase. I haven't seen an opening as narrow as this before. The dash has the original dark blue paint on the back and under the light blue on the front and has obviously not been cut. The dash has only one speaker grill so that makes it...
  11. Kim Dawson

    304 & 999 Scrambler Build

    I started this build over the summer while I was waiting for my extended Scrambler frame to be welded. This frame needed a few repairs and that went quick. Had it sandblasted, then I painted it and started putting it together. I had picked up the 304 with 20K miles on it and wanted to do a...
  12. Kim Dawson

    Extended Scrambler LS3 Build

    I started this during the summer. I cut the front of a CJ7 frame and the back of a CJ8 frame and had my neighbor weld them together. Twelve inches were added to the wheelbase. You can see there is a long space between the body mounts in the middle of the frame. I had the frame sandblasted and I...
  13. Kim Dawson

    OEM Console Pad Thickness

    I know a few of you guys have the little pads on your OEM consoles. Would someone tell me what thickness they are? A picture of an original would be nice, too. Thanks
  14. Kim Dawson

    Honey Laredo Grab Bars Available

    Three Honey Grab Bars are done. One is on ebay. Maybe someone with skills can post the ebay pictures. Black ones still available, too.
  15. Kim Dawson

    Got the Vortec V8, Now what?

    Just picked up a 2002 Chevy Tahoe that was totaled. Now I've got a V8 with an automatic and all the wiring that goes with them. I usually stick to AMC. Can I change the tail end of the transmission to fit a Dana 300, or should I use an auto and TC from a Chevy? Or maybe use a Jeep trans and TC...
  16. Kim Dawson

    Laredo grab bars

    Black leather on painted black grab bar. Nutmeg leather on nutmeg grab bar. I have some of those. What about blue? or any other colors? Bars always painted to match or not? And how many different colors were used? Some of you guys will have all this info for sure. Thanks.
  17. Kim Dawson

    Any love for the 304 V8

    Because the 304 was mostly pre-Scrambler, I don't hear much about them. Haven't had a running one yet. Do they perform well and get decent mileage, as compared to the 258 or even the 260. Most people probably prefer to go with a later engine, but I was wondering how well the 304 is liked by...
  18. Kim Dawson

    Under hood insulation

    Did AMC use under hood insulation? My 1981 Scrambler Laredo has black spots on the underside of the hood. Someone must have installed insulation there at one time. Just wondering if it was an option, if dealers did that, or if someone just wanted to keep the noise down. No better source of AMC...
  19. Kim Dawson

    First year for T-5

    I picked up an 80 CJ7 that has a 258 and 5 speed. It's a Laredo. Was the T-5 available in 1980 or has someone put it in? I'm sure some of the knowledgeable people on here will know the first year the T-5 was used in Jeeps.
  20. Kim Dawson

    Pictures of your new end caps installed

    Now that everybody on the forum that wanted end caps has bought them, please post pictures of your end caps and what you used to paint them and how happy you were with the finish. I have two sets left that two people said they wanted, but then haven't heard from them. PM me if you are still...