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    AMC 20 Traclock noise

    Hey guys... My Scrambler rear axle started to "clap-clap" at the rear, at the moment when I'm going down, without gas... OK, I inspected differential and noticed some play at the discs... then I changed it, changed oil and.... perferct!!! Only during 1000 km, now have the noise again!!! It will...
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    Half cab hard top can be made from YJ hard top???

    Hello guys. I'm trying to find some info about this crazy thing, because after 2 years of search (in Europe, of course), I can't find a half hard top. Its so expensive buy it overseas, so.. Now I have two pieces of top, one at front with doors frame and other the end of hard top.... I'm sure...
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    Mistery relay

    Hello guys... somebody know about that relay?? I can't find it at wiring diagram and don't know what its function.... imagen Its simply hanging at the firewall, between brake booster and engine... :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    AX-15 to D300 adapting

    Hi... I'm looking for a better transmission on my Scrambler and I know that the AX-15 have the same spline and bolt pattern than D 300. I've found one good used for 150€ and its a good price to try!!! I've heard about an adapter plate from AA or Novak, but also know there is some way to do with...
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    Hello from Spain!!!

    Hello to everybody... First, please be indulgent with my English... I learned it in my birth country (Venezuela), mostly autodidact.... Now I'm living and working in Barcelona from the last 16 years. Well, I recently bought one CJ8 here in Catalunya... I think its one of two that I knew in...