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  1. 02tj

    Started another retro scrambler build

    Got the newer fuel rail in and the new 4 hole injectors today. Headed to the Mason Dixon Flat Fender show tomorrow or I would be putting these in and get the engine and drivetrain in the scrambler..
  2. 02tj

    Current Scrambler pics

    That looks like a awesome day!!
  3. 02tj

    What's on your Work Bench?

    I’m working on a set of cyclones for the scrambler. I epoxied some magnets from HF to the backside. After my engine install is done I’ll be working on these and the switch pod!
  4. 02tj

    Started another retro scrambler build

    Bought the eBay special 4 hole upgrade
  5. 02tj

    Started another retro scrambler build

    So while cleaning up my fuel rail I found a compromised spot that leaks in the rail and 4 out of the 6 injectors bodies are cracked. New stuff is on the way!!
  6. 02tj

    Started another retro scrambler build

    I traded my 47 Willys project for a 83 scrambler. My plans are to retro fit (just like did in 2010) A 4.0 OBD2 4.0 and a aw4 from a 2001 Cherokee. I have a old thread her but figured I’d start a new one here so the few that don’t watch YouTube can see the build. It really needs everything gone...
  7. 02tj

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    I think u have the extended input shaft in that 300 it has the 4-1 kit in it right?
  8. 02tj

    My 4.0 swap w/ aw4

    I’ve started another build if you guys want to follow again.
  9. 02tj

    Current Scrambler pics

    Building another scrambler 4.0 AW4 300 44 30
  10. 02tj

    Great smoky mountains Jeep invasion

    I was there! Made a video for my YouTube channel.
  11. 02tj

    All Breeds Jeep Show....

    Im gonna be there along with a few of my buddies, obviously Ill be in the class 5. gonna be there the whole time and see if the jeep wins anything?
  12. 02tj

    My 4.0 swap w/ aw4

    So, After picking Bigwaltons brain for the last month or so Ive decided to start my 4.0 swap. I bought a 4.0 and AW4 from a 2001 Xj here localy from a forum member on Only 17K on this baby. I called both Hesco and to gauge my best options w/ the harness. Hesco...
  13. 02tj

    new bumpers!

    Got my new bumpers installed on the CJ. put the winch on and tire carrier
  14. 02tj

    Fun Day

    Well the day started out w/ a fun trip to Maryland to pick up a cj-7 frame and wrangler tub w/ a buddy. Had a nice morning trip there and got all the pices loaded into the u-haul 14' box and the rolling frame w/ straped on tub on the trailer.... Well, last thing to go in the truck was a amc m20...
  15. 02tj

    New guy

    Hey Guys and gals, just thought Id say hi. Im looking at my buddys jeep cj8 in SC for a possable buy. He and I restored it 20 or so years ago. Anyway about me. Im a avid jeep "dude" been involved w/ jeeps since 78 (8 yrs old). learn to drive on the outter banks in my dads cj-5 (renagade 304, w/...