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  1. scrambled eggs


    that's all I have to say about that.
  2. scrambled eggs

    who's dis be?

    passed this beauty last week headed East on I26 near Columbia SC
  3. scrambled eggs

    Rocker Trim bolt holes

    need to mount my new-to-me aluminum rocker trim to my scrambler and wanted to know if anyone knows how high up I need to drill the holes thru the body? I bought some elevator bolts to slide in the rocker moulding track (after grinding the head down so it would slide) and now I m ready to drill...
  4. scrambled eggs

    bestop supertop, scrambler

    anyone have any pictures of where their supertop brace rods at the door locations tie into the windshield? for some reason, my hard doors will only clear vertical and horizontal supertop rods at the door locations if I move the windshield bracket all the way to the top of the windshield? NOT...
  5. scrambled eggs

    Hard Door Adjustment

    Attempted to put the hard doors back on this past wkd after zipping in the bestop windows and replacing the windshield (cowl) gasket. doors do not shut as they once did w/ the 1/2 hardtop. I would imagine that I have 2 issues against me.. 1st) soft top may have skewed the windshield and...
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    Cowl seal, need to replace

    searched the site and found a few cowl seal replacement threads..seems that there was some mixed ideas of who provides the best one for the 8's... any help or links to the best seal offered? I also assume this is a relatively easy fix.. I believe my old dry rotted one is the reason for the...
  7. scrambled eggs

    2nd rear seat install- Pics

    anyone have any pics of a "2nd" rear seat install at the tailgates? I am planning on installing a fold and tumble behind my fixed bench and was wondering if the "latches" attach to the gussets next to the tailgate? any help would be appreciated..thanks
  8. scrambled eggs

    Full Soft Top - Xmas Deals

    looking to purchase a new full soft top .. anyone have any knowledge about better than average deals/xmas promotions? quick googler search and the least expensive I have found for scram/bestop is $681.00 w/ free shipping. cant afford the BD top and bestop will probably fit my needs. out!
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    Which hard doors are interchangeable w/ scrambler

    Looking to pick up a set of hard doors w/ my '83. Currently have a set of hard doors for the '84 and they have the paddle handles w/ vent windows. The '83's latching mechanism is different (not paddle) but lever for the factory soft top and soft doors I have that came w/ it. Question is...
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    Upgraded Valve Cover w/ Gasket for 4.2- Need One and Opinions

    Looking to replace my stock plastic cover. Any recommendations on replacements/associated costs? OR, anyone looking to sell their aluminum cover? thanks
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    securin' youngins' in a jeep

    anyone w/ experience on securing car seats in a rear jeep seats w/ lap belts only? i ran the lap belt thru the car seat as described and tightened it...i believe this is adequate in regards to car seat standards..however, seat does slide around to some degree back there....very different than...
  12. scrambled eggs

    Seat recommendations

    Need to replace the seats in my 83' Jamaican Beige Scrambler. Currently has black bestop fixed back seats that i ll be relocating in another project. The factory seats had honey inserts but cannot afford those. going to replace w/ new in order to get by.. The rear seat is currently nutmeg...
  13. scrambled eggs

    windshield knobs -stripped out

    the driver side windshield knob is stripped out (where you loosen to fold the windshield down)... any ideas on how to remove/replace w/o breaking out the sawzall?
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    1/2 Hard Top vs Factory OEM 1/2 Top: Pros/Cons

    Been back and forth w/ a fellow forum member about possible trade of OEM 1/2 Soft top w/ soft doors vs 1/2 hard top w/ hard doors. Wanted some feedback on pros /cons and general preference of each. Interested in a full top but will be distant future /next winter so i can get full use out...
  15. scrambled eggs

    Adapter Plate for the MC2100/2150

    Any ideas as to who makes the best Adapter plates for the MC's and approx cost? i had read somewhere awhile back that Mr. Gasket makes/made one? Thanks
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    '83 Jamaican Beige Laredo

    Front Seats: Were Laredo's w/ this color scheme (jamaican beige) outfitted w/ nutmeg w/ honey inserts or would they ahve been sent w/ just nutmeg? bumper: was the chrome front bumper factory or aftermarket? grill: was the chrome grill overlay factory or aftermarket?
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    4"+/- Surface Mounted Round Jeep Turn Signals or Similar??????

    anyone know where to find a surface mount turn signal that matches (or is at least relatively similar) to the Jeep's 4" turn signals in front grill? in my infinite metal fabricating wisdom, i covered up my turn signals w/ bent plate in order to mount the 8274. i added some LED strips but it...
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    Rear main seal question

    in the process of tackling a clutch and probably going to need a new rear main seal... my clutch guy wants to know if the seal is a external type (tap-in) or a two piece internal? i have a 1984 and told him i'd try and find out... i assume that the internal would be substantially more work and...
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    Jeep Acceleration issues

    upgraded my 84's carb to MC2150 and HEI distr upgrade... Had some issues w/ too much fuel to the carb...installed a holley pressure regulator and bent the float down some as well. got that issue resolved or so i think.... at least its not pouring out of the vent tube like before.... got...
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    Factory Doors, Slop

    There's a good bit of slop/play in regards to the guts of the doors themselves.. they open, close, latch great but just loud when riding down the road... the glass rattles,etc... is there a door kit available to include new weatherstripping, bushings,etc in regards to the doors? i have not...