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    81 Anvil Scrambler Build

    In the winter of 2013 I decided it was time to tear down our Scrambler to the frame. The transmission was slipping again...that lead to the thought of new engine/trans... that lead to needing a paint job... but what about the body work and everything else. All of a sudden it was down to the...
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    Bolt Size for Interior Door Pulls

    I'm rebuilding my full hard doors and have managed to lose the original door pulls and bolts. The new interior handle/pulls don't come with the bolts included. Anyone know what size/length they are? I would take my doors down to the hardware store until I found the right size, but they're...
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    Modify YJ Bumper for CJ?

    I need a rear bumper w/tire carrier. I like the looks and price of the Smittybilt XRC, but it's for '87 and up. Has anyone modified a YJ bumper for use on a CJ? Weld in some plate for a new mounting point? Is it more difficult than than that? This is the bumper I'm looking at...