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    Engine Decisions!! Repl 258? Swap to late model FI4.0? or Carb 360?

    Decisions Decisions This project is taking WAY WAY WAY longer than I ever thought that it would!! Never the less, I love wrenching on Jeeps and have enjoyed the dismantle part of the project so far!! I have come to the point where I must make an engine decision soon!! My 258 Runs, Odometer...
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    Pre Tub Restoration Questions??

    Pictures of replacement body panels?? Actual Photos, photos of test fitments??? I started dismantle of my AK Postal 8 last week. I should have the body completly off in the next week. I'm having trouble with a few bolts on things like the rear door hinges and seat bolts etc. I'm going to...
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    Best Body Replacement Parts??

    Ok I did some searching, and I decided to put this post here so that we can organize resources on the best body replacement parts. There are many people making relpitubs etc. There are a few choices, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass etc. I'm interested in steel parts as I'm going to repair my tub...
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    1984 CJ8 RHD Alaska Postal Scrambler

    Well, After begging for 5 years, I finally own an Alaskan Postal CJ8 RHD that a guy has owned locally. He was stationed in Alaska in the military and towed this back behind a U-Haul and drove it for a few years bone stock before the tranny went out in it. It is a very nice Jeep. It will need...