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    Removable carpet?

    Ended up using a bedrug kit and added some floor mats and thick foam sound deadening under the floor mats. It's....really nice. And can be yanked out easily enough.
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    Rust Removers

    Are you grinding/wire wheeling parts first? That is the most important part.
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    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    Don't be scared you can slap bearings in and STD size pistons and rings with no machine work as long as nothing is spun and the cranks smooth. It will be fine people have done it for years.machine shops are hit or miss. With relatively low mileage you should be fine. Just watch the taper I'm the...
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    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    Put new pistons and bearings in. It's so far apart I wouldn't hesitate. The early 4.0s always end up with piston slap I've owned 4 of them. Plus good time to do a cheap cam and oil pump upgrade.
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    No Lift Replacement Spring Options

    I recommend doing a jeep yj old man emu 2.5" springs but order the soft springs then remove 2 of the small bottom leaf springs. I removed 1 bottom off my rear right and it leveled my Jeep and got rid of the jeep lean while reducing ride height in that corner about .5". 2 would probably drop it...
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Thanks everyone. Just trying to Get a nice driver. Came out pretty good so far.
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    crown fender flares

    You need to start at the top middle and work your way out and down. Doing the bottom ends last.
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    crown fender flares

    These fit Rugged Ridge 11604.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Kit Rugged Ridge 11604.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Kit Absolutely no trouble and look great.
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Took a second to snap some photos today 😍
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    2"-3" Lift with a ride the wife will like?

    I did old man emu yj springs conversion plus a 1" body lift. Most of the 4-4.5" lifts seemed to ride rough asking around. This was around 3.5" with conversion shackles and it rides extremely good for an old cj. I'm using rro longer shock towers in the front with Monroe gas Magnums from a f250...
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    Supercharge your Jeep?

    I had a magnum powers case on my Ford lightning. Really woke it up. Supercharged 6's are cool but tuning issues are abundant.
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    EFI on 4.2 from 95 4.0

    You could but I'd get a better flowing intake if possible. Stock iirc has all kinds of coolant and EGR stuff? Sniper efi tunes itself and is really really easy. I do wish mine had a carb 4 2 vs its current 4 0l
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    Hood Decals

    Is the Phoenix graphics glossy at all?
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    New Postal Powertrain Plan - turbo/manifold & HP Tuners JTEC support or Megasquirt

    Turbo 4.0l sounds cool but that new hurricane 2.0l from the new wranglers would be my pick 😍
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    EFI on 4.2 from 95 4.0

    An affordable option is to get a good 2 barrel carb intake and run a Holley sniper efi or FI tech on your 4.2. I wish my Jeep had a 4.2 in it as I would go that route but it had the 4 0l efi semi installed when I got it. It's a wiring mess with no proper harnesses available without spending gobs...
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    Do’s and Don’ts for removing top for first time

    In for a set. 🤣 I'd love to get the proper rubber pieces that go in that channel there too.
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    Jeep Lean... thoughts?

    I just wanted to update. Today I removed the bottom little short leaf spring from my passenger rear and added a .5" lift block. My chassis is now completely level with no driver in the front and .25"-3/8" side to side on the rear. I'm also hoping the slightly lighter spring rate for the...
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    Rocker Trim Moulding Restoration

    You did an amazing job restoring those. Mine were too far gone for polishing so I bedlined them to match the rest of the stuff on the jeep.
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Few more pictures as I've done a bunch of reassembly and updates. Fully rebuilt the doors and got the window in the top and top on. Now doing a bedrug kit in the cab for some sound deadening. I'd like to find a way to cover the rear passenger corner spot where a tire carrier stop bolts too...