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  1. rubclt

    Black Oxide Bolts

    So another member @mhinchliffe suggested trying Black Oxide on bolts after rust removal. Here is video I followed...
  2. rubclt

    Rust Removers

    Sharing my experience with Evapo-Rust and POR15 Rust Remover. They both work well soaking parts to remove rust, the POR15 Rust Remover is a little faster, but about $10 more a gallon. I have soaked parts with rubber and plastic with good results. Even factory painted parts come out rust free...
  3. rubclt

    CLR Rust Remover

    Interesting, I used CLR, scotch pad, rise, soap wash, rise, compound, and sealer. As time passes the rust appears white. Sharing for others that may consider this treatment for original paint restoration
  4. rubclt

    No Lift Replacement Spring Options

    I am looking to keep a CJ 8 stock ride height but need new springs and shackles. I see the Crown and Omix have options. Any experience with ride quality on these or suggestions for other options? I have used the BDS, but the shortest is 2.5”.
  5. rubclt

    CJ7 Caroline Build

    I wanted an original paint CJ8 to do a “rustic build”. I then found near me a CJ7 that looked the part, and I brought it home and named her Caroline... Caroline has no drive train, but I plan to use a used 258, Auto, Dana 300, 2.5” BDS with Shackles and 32x11.50x15 BFG KM3 MT’s
  6. rubclt

    Hood Decals

    Building a more stock look on CJ8 that would only have Scrambler on hood, no other stripes. In photo is Phoenix Graphic version on top is smaller than the Graphics Express, which I found after Phoenix told me by phone they do not make white scrambler in original size. Here is link...
  7. rubclt

    CJ7 Build Tag Decode

    I acquired a 1983 CJ7 Project and have decoded it as a Slate Blue, Slate Blue High Back Denim with a 4 cylinder. Currently no drive train... the photo of Silver Build tag looks like H and L are punched. Anyone know meaning?
  8. rubclt

    Project Blue

    This is a 1982 Scrambler that will have a TDK coil spring suspension, JK Dana 44 Axles with lockers, NP241OR, 545RFE and Hemi 5.7
  9. rubclt

    Leaf Springs

    Looking for new leaf springs, I know I have seen Post on a company that makes custom springs... other choices? This will be stock like height
  10. rubclt

    Replacement Floor Pan

    The Rustic Hemi needs a driver side floor pan. I prefer the stamped ones, like the Key Parts shown in the link below. Any experience with this product is there other brands folks recommend?
  11. rubclt

    1984 Scrambler Preservation of “Rose”

    When we pickup the Scrambler in March 2017 the factory original Garnett paint had faded from years in the dry climate of California. The faded color was similar to the Rose Gold on Apple devices… so the Scrambler quickly became know as “Rose.” Photo on the way to new home We are fortunate to...
  12. rubclt

    Advice To Smog or Not to Smog

    That is the question... The 1984 CJ8 is from California and equipped as such... In the Carolina's this is not needed. thoughts, advice and opinions on A. leaving the Jeep factory under the hood? B. Modernize by replacing carb, distributor and minimize vacuum lines C. Other
  13. rubclt

    Original Paint Question

    Question and opinions on clear coat over original paint... if you clear coat to protect original paint does it mean it is no longer original paint?
  14. rubclt

    Brake Line Selection by Year

    Replacing brake lines in my 1982 with some type kit, open to suggestions... I noticed a different part number, any idea why brake lines are different between years? Is there a benefit in "upgrading" to later year? 1981/82 1983-1985...
  15. rubclt

    1982 Begin Again Build

    1982 Rustic Hemi Build Picked up a 1982 Scrambler from my friend AdamH after being inspired by his "It came home in buckets" build. Here is link to his build. BUILD PLANS - I like...