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    Installing steering stabilizer

    Hey Jeepers, Need you help in installing a steering stabilizer. I recently installed the rugged ridge HD 42mm tie rod and drag link. Question is what bracket kit do i need for this installation and where is the bracket installed. I see on amazon a few kits but not too sure of which one to...
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    What degree shims do i use with the RE 4.5 lift.

    Have a question with the angle of my rear differential yoke to the drive shaft and was wondering if anyone can tell me degree of shims to use. I recently added the RE 4.5" lift. Here are a few pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi again fellow keepers. Have a question. Currently have a 83 cj8. Upgrading tie rod and drag link, tie rod and drag links ends, adjustments, clamps etc. Do I need a dampener? If so where does it go? Is there a kit where I can purchase all in one? Need your experience on getting back on the...
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    Suspension lift

    Can anyone tell me where these go? Purchased new Rubicon express lift kit 4.5” extreme duty. Do these go on the spring plate for sway bar disconnect? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to piece this back after guy bailed on me.
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    RE suspension

    Just trying to confirm an item number from RE before I purchase it. Suspension lift from Rubicon express extreme-duty 4.5" lift with mono shocks. I heard from several ppl that they are several lift kits. Is that true or are they, full of it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    eaton trutrac limited slip

    Can anyone who is currently running a Detroit Truetrac limited slip tell me what differential fluid works best. I am currently installing the eaton Detroit truetrac limited slip with 4.56 gear on the amc 20. Thanks
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    Re-gearing 83 Scrambler

    Gents, Need you help on a few questions. Looking to upgrade my rear and front gearing for Dana 30 and AMC 20. Jeep will be used for both light off road beach, light trails. No rock climbing. Driving 3 days a week and short 4 to 6 hours trips. Have the 258 with T5 w/ overdrive. Going with 33...
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    bfg ko's vs. bfg km2

    i am in the process of buying tires for my scrambler but i am hoping you can help me in picking one of the two tires BFG ko's all terrain or the BFG km2 mud terrain.... does anyone currently have them on your jeep? I am leaning toward the km2 because the aggressiveness although i do not do...
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    sticky door

    Need your help. I recently finish restoring my jeep cj8 and closed the door to check if the lock would work(key). Well it sure did. Now, I have not had much time to look into this but I do know it will not open up from the inside or outside. Prior to puting the door interior panel back on I had...
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    Interior ???'s

    Trying to finish 2 years in the making of finishing body off restoration with adding the finishing touches. Buying the Bestop trail max ll pro seat with the 8" tuffy center console. My concern is the width of the center console from what I have read the 10" (width) is to wide with those seats...
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    Suspension 101

    Hey fellas well he I am down to the final strech on my restoration down to the suspension. Hopefully you all can help me with a few questions or even better maybe one of you fellas may have the same set up I am describing? And might give me your pro's and con's of this set up? Based on your...
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    4.0 head vs. 4.56 gears

    I have a question that maybe most of you all heard over and over and over but here is goes anyway. I know I will get probably about 10 different ways I should go about it, and thats ok. What I am trying to accomplish is a direction I should follow based on experience or current set up. I...
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    driveshaft length

    I am currently getting my RE 4.5 suspension lift with the already 1" BL put in and was wondering with the T5 tranny what length drive shaft will I need. Does anyone have this same setup? Going with 35's. Thanks
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    map sensor

    Need your help in trying to find a map sensor for 1983 cj-8. I have been looking around but do not seem to have any luck. Does anyone know where I can find a new one? Do they even make new ones for this model? I have tried looking online stores but seem to have no luck. I will be going to the...
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    Wiring Harness Pictures

    Well here I go with the final steps of a total restoration and I need help and what a better place then this forum. I currently completed the 258 engine and I am having problems with the wiring harness and where the plugs are attached to the engine. Does anyone have any pictures or diagrams of...
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    Need pictures...Please

    Looking on trying to get pictures of front bumpers either from Scott Anderson's or any other fabricator. I am looking for the difference in view when installed between what 2x5 dimension looks like and 4x4 dimension look like? Please send pics. Please specify when you send pictures either 2x5...
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    Calling all CJ-8

    Anyone have a transfer case D300 twin shifter they want to part out?:D I am looking for a small EXTERNAL part. I am starting to have cj-8 withdraws. I can send you pictures. I am a little:evil: that I can not find these parts.
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    Transfer case D300

    Guys, Been looking for a part that goes on the outside of the Dana300 transfer case for my 83 scrambler. The part is where the 4 wheel drive shafter connect to the transfer case. It is a small piece of metal that either pushed the low gear in or the high gear in with two metal pins. It is right...
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    Wiring harness

    Does anyone have a diagram of the wiring harness or a manual for a 1983 cj-8. I am having a difficult time knowing where a few plugs go to. I have 258 straight 6. Thanks:rolleyes:
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    Door Parts

    Hey guys need your help in finding out a diragram for the inner door with names of parts. Is there any diagrams on here? I am looking for some rods that go inside the doors on both driver and passenger that run from the striker pin to the interior door handle? Do you know the name of these rods...