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    When is everyone arriving at SMOR?

    I'll be arriving on the 19th in the afternoon.

    convoy to nationals

    Any one going to convoy to the nationals from the east, like Ky, In, Oh, Va?:shrug:

    Lodging in Black hills

    Where are you staying at SOA Nationals?

    May be getting another scrambler.

    Well it looks like I may be getting another pretty soon. I've been scramblerless for to long. I have several that I'll be looking at. Toby (MR. BEEP) has 2 of them. Keeping my fingers crossed.:fingerscrossed::shrug:

    Heading out to Harlan

    Getting ready to head out for Harlan shortly. Should be there by 4pm:headbang::bacon::wave::smokin:

    Happy birthday cj8lvr

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE Hope you have a Great One :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Don

    Leaving kentucky

    Well today is my last day in Kentucky. We're closing on our house today, and right after closing I'll be heading to Flordia. I know I'll really miss the old place, we lived there for 23 years. I'll miss the freedom of being able to wander around the 36 acres we had, and watching all the deer...

    Happy birthday chiefwaho

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON Hope you have a great one. :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Don

    Happy birthday donaghy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAT :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Hope you have a great one. Don
  10. BOBCAT

    Happy birthday pappywahoo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers::woot: I hope you have a great day, and don't drink too much tonight. Be safe on the trails and take lots of pictures. Wish I was there with you guys. Don
  11. BOBCAT

    Happy Birthday CBRogers

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARL :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Hope it's a grear one. Don
  12. BOBCAT

    Happy Birthday Mopedal

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK :birthday::cheers::cheers::birthday: Hope you have a great one. Don
  13. BOBCAT

    Happy Birthday Truck

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUCK :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Hope you have a great one. Don
  14. BOBCAT

    Happy Birthday Scrangler

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE :birthday::cheers::cheers::birthday: Hope It's a GREAT one. Don
  15. BOBCAT


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY :birthday::cheers::birthday: Happy birthday ole friend. Toby I hope you have a good one. At least being retired you won't have to go to work on your day. Don
  16. BOBCAT

    Happy birthday kaiser8

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE :cheers: :birthday: :birthday: :cheers: Hope you have a great one. Drink a beer for me. Don
  17. BOBCAT

    Happy birthday twmattox

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMA :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Hope you have a good one. Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well. Don
  18. BOBCAT

    Happy birthday bigred1969

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT :cheers::birthday::birthday::cheers: Hope it is a good one. Don
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    Happy birthday 1x1 speed craig

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG :woot: Hope you have a good one. :birthday::cheers::cheers::birthday: Don
  20. BOBCAT

    Merry christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMASHAPPY NEW YEARTO ALL On my way to Flordia, see ya'll next year Don