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  1. SCJeeper

    Does anyone still run bed rails?

    What's up guys!? I was just wondering who on here has bed rails installed. I'm getting ready to go back to half cab mode and just had the thought of making some to factory specs and staining them to match my half cab. Post pictures up of yours if you have them. Let me know what you think. Here...
  2. SCJeeper

    Who uses their Scrambler as a truck?

    So like the title states......who uses their Scrambler as a truck? Doing truck stuff. Taking off the trash, picking up building materials, hauling stuff that you wife won't let you put in the family SUV. My current situation is that I have my wife's hand me down 2005 Four Runner as my every day...
  3. SCJeeper

    Who's running a header on their I-6?

    What's up guys?! I have been lurking around lately just watching what is going on. I am still working on the Scrambler as we all are. I finally finished a all new fuel system from the tank forward and it is running flawlessly now. Next project is going to be the exhaust. I happened to score a...
  4. SCJeeper

    What are your Lady's carrying? (Concealed Weapon)

    Yo Fellas! My wife just got her Conceal permit and we are looking for suggestions on her carry gun. I bought her LCP last year that I was figuring her carrying but after thinking about it collectively she is thinking she wants a revolver. I want her to have what ever she wants and will do the...
  5. SCJeeper

    Post up your Jeep on board tool storage!

    We all know that we have been on the side of the road working on our own Jeep or someone else's. How do you guys carry the necessities with you? I keep a pretty well stock tool bag and Craftsman mechanics set in my daily driver not so much for myself since I drive a 05 four runner and wouldn't...
  6. SCJeeper

    !!!!!!Help going back to carb!!!!!!

    What's up guys?! Been a while since I've been on. Hope everyone is doing well. Life has been crazy with a new baby and remodeling a house. My jeep has a junk yard this set up on it and I have suspicion that after having a battery short on me I have fried the computer. I have really had nothing...
  7. SCJeeper

    Huge Jeep Night in my Town this weekend!!!

    Hey guys! For the past few years my hometown Pickens, SC has been hosting a summer cruise ins every weekend in June. This week is the Jeep only night and it has been getting bigger and bigger each year. There will be 200+ Jeeps of every kind. This is mostly because of our town being home to...
  8. SCJeeper

    Transporting da Childrens?

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a good day. Don't be jealous but it is sun shiny and 78* here today which leads me to my question. I take my boy to daycare every morning and right now have the full hard top on with no doors. Perfect ride in the AM with some sleeves. Anyway, I am about...
  9. SCJeeper

    Need votes boys!!

    Yo guys! Im in for CJ of the month over on and we are in a dead tie. Addictedtodunes won last month with his Scrambler which is completely awesome so I figured I would try to make it two months in a row with a not so awesome Scrambler. Any of you guys that are on Jeepforum I...
  10. SCJeeper

    Subconsciously picked Color Schemes.....have you done this?

    So now the Jeep that me and dad were working on for my little boy is completely in my name because I didn't think that it was right for my dad to be paying the insurance and property taxes on it. So that being said it is at my house and I am doing most of the work on it since my dad is working...
  11. SCJeeper

    What are you guys cooking!?

    Like the title says....What are you boys feeding yourselves and your families with. As most guys that cook, I personally think that I am one of the greatest chefs in the world :rotfl:. I really do love to cook and it helps the wife out and I like my cooking better than hers anyway so it works...
  12. SCJeeper

    Garret Muscle Car Museum

    Yo guys! We had a couples weekend this past weekend in Pigeon Forge with our best friends. NO KIDS!!!! While we were up there we visited the Garret Muscle Car Museum and it was great. The guys in there were just a bunch of old guys hanging drinking coffee and and talking cars. Anyway I...
  13. SCJeeper

    Lets see your Garage/Man Caves!!

    Like the title says....I want to see what you guys work on/keep your junk in. I am still in the planning stages of mine. Landon getting burned kinda put a speed bump in the funding of this big project but praise God he is perfectly fine and we ain't got nothing but time to do this. I have...
  14. SCJeeper

    Calling out to Jeep Addict!

    Hey there Jeep Addict, I have a question about how you mounted your Full hardtop. Please reply or shoot me a PM. I tried to send you one but it told me you couldnt accept anymore messages. Thanks Dude!:thumbsup:
  15. SCJeeper

    Need some help with new top!

    Yo guys! I scored a ACME Full hard top that I am picking up Tuesday night. I need some help with how the thing mounts. I know that it has some kind of latcheds on the windshield and some clamps that hold down the sides. Could you guys show me some pictures on how it mounts? Thanks in advance!
  16. SCJeeper

    Who was in Augusta, GA Saturday?

    Well unfortunately I was in Augusta Saturday at the burn center but when we were going through town I saw someone enjoying a beautiful copper looking scrambler with the top off. I was just wondering if it was any of you guys. The reason for going to the burn center.
  17. SCJeeper

    Question about 2 piece soft doors

    Hey guys I have found a really good deal on a set of Bestop 2 Piece soft doors and I am wondering if they will fit with my hard top. I have half steel doors and soft uppers that fit great but is there a difference? i just don't have the money to finish my hard doors right now to run with my...
  18. SCJeeper

    A little car show footage for ya!

    i thought that you guys might like to check out the slide show fro Friday night's car show at the Azalea Festival. This is a link to my clubs website for the slide show and I'll find the youtube link as well. The White Scrambler at the front of the line in the center has a 401 in it. I just...
  19. SCJeeper

    White or Polished Wheels

    Back story....... I have another thread on here about painting my set of polished aluminum wheels white. I have had mixed feedback on it. Anyway I went to start this project at my dad's house and he tried to talk me out of it to the point that he polished one of my wheels for me to see how...
  20. SCJeeper

    Project Landon "The Diamond"

    Well on top of my Scrambler build I have been working on this 1980 CJ7 with my dad. We picked this up the week before Christmas 2010. Dad wanted something to work on and had been riding quite a bit with me on club cruises so I found him these Jeep from a guy that I did business with. It was...