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    Yj leaf spring conversion

    Hello, I just purchased some YJ front leaf springs and boomerang shackles for my 84 scrambler. Looking at the parts I need to make them fit. I don't want to pay $400 + on a complete kit from BDS or such. Can I just use yj factory plates and the M.O.R.E. Perch hanger kit? Am I missing something...
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    Body mount options

    I need to replace my body mounts. I want factory style, no lift mounts. Best option out there? Thanks all
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    I wanted to get the aluminum crusher guards for my jeep. Apparently they've been discontinued by Poison Spyder. I cant seem to find them anywhere. Part number 12-04-010 alum. Figure I would post it here and get some suggestions on where to look. Thank you all
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    Bestop Full Soft Top

    Guys, Bestop full soft top on sale for $798 on morris4x4 . Seems to be the best price out there. Has anyone seen a better price anywhere else? Also, is it a good top for the price? Thank you
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    Radiator options

    I need to replace the radiator on my 8. Ive done research, but everything ive found are old threads. I want to upgrade to an aluminum radiator. Any good/affordable options? Thank you.
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    Speedhut gauges

    Is there anyone using the speedhut speedo that would care to comment on the quality of the product? I am about to order one and want to get some real world reviews.
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    Heater box foam

    Can anyone tell me where to find the foam for the blend door and mode doors inside the heater box? I cant find it anywhere. I saw a write up on another website, where the guy used waterproof poly foam with adhesive backing, and it comes in sheets, but i cant find it. Called an hvac supply store...
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    SOA conversion

    Hello, I am trying to put together the lift for my 84', and I need help. Mainly with deciding if going SOA would be the best for my jeep. It will be mostly street driven, no hard off road planned. Present/future mods: It sits on 33's right now, but 35's are next. I plan on a full roll cage...
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    Upper column bearing replacement

    I just replaced the upper steering column bearing on my non-tilt column, and now l have a question. Is there a washer between the bearing and the big spring? I didnt take a washer off during disassembly, but all the parts diagrams and exploded views show a washer there. Thanks
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    Half cab question

    I recently purchased a half cab top. On both rear corners there are 2 small holes aligned vertically. Is there a bracket that bolts the top to the body in that location? Thank you
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    Dash pad

    When my father purchased the jeep in 1990 it had the original black dash pad. Somewhere along the way it was taken off because it was cracking and rotting away. The jeep is now in my possesion, and I think I want to put a new dash pad on it. Im 50/50 on it. What do you guys think? Its not a...
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    Painting my half cab

    Hello, I just purchased a used half cab for my 8 and Im going to do some body work and paint it. Someone painted it smooth gloss black, and I don't like it. I want to know the best way to get as close as possible to factory finish. To be honest, I've never seen a half cab up-close in person. I...
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    Dash panel

    Hello, I removed the panel to repair a couple of things behind it. Now im thinking I want to prep and paint it while I have it out. Anyways, I have a question. Do I need to seal the top portion ( where it folds under the windshield frame)? It had an rtv looking sealer before, which probably...
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    Bumper question

    Hello, I've been looking for a flush mounted rear bumper for my cj8, but havent been able to find one. There are plenty made for the yj's, but not the cjs. Has anyone adapted a yj bumper on a cj? Whats confusing to me is that some bumpers out there are listed to fit both the cj and the yjs...
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    Windshield frame

    Im sure this has been covered, but cant seem to find any recent info. I need to replace the windshield frame on my 84, but im unsure of the aftermarket frames. I read an old post that said that MD Juan was making an effort to build better quality frames. Is this true? Or are they still junk...