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    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all the Veterans and Spouses/Children/Parents of Veterans. Today honors those that have served in the armed forces. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices each of you made. I hope you feel honored/remembered today- as you should everyday. With tremendous...
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    Happy Easter

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We found ways to connect with family near and far. Best wishes everyone. Kyle
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    Cheated on CJ's.....

    As my kids have gotten older (both sons in high school- one drives) my wife and I have spent more and more time exploring the Texas Hill Country. We usually take the F250 or Excursion. We love CJ's- but 250 miles sittng on a 30 year old original seat, lack of A/C and noisy top wears on you...
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    Ughhhhhhhhhh.... I think I broke this..... what is it?

    So- I broke this while working on a yoke/transfer case issue on my 1985 CJ. What is the technical name for this? Any leads where I can find one?
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    Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone has a great day with family and friends.
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    Peanut Butter and Jelly.....

    Apparently if you put 3 Jeeps in your three car garage and your wife's new car sits in the driveway- you get peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner.... Good thing I like peanut butter and jelly....
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    I'll Start- Happy Thanksgiving!

    Started the smoker at 2AM- 4 birds. About to start deep frying another two. We will have a total of 30 guests over for dinner- total chaos but we would not have it any other way! Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be as blessed as mine. Kyle
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    Thank you to our Veterans!

    Wanted to say thank you to all the Veterans on the site- myself and family appreciate your service.
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    What size screw fits the back of a factory Jeep CJ Rim center cap?

    Hello- thanks for reading. I am trying to determine what size screw is used (5 per center cap) to attach the factory rim center cap to the factory rim? I seem to have bought every size but the right one. The factory part # is J4007001 but there are none in inventory around the country. If...
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    Beer or Jeep?

    Good shirt in time for St. Patrick's Day!
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    Connecting an IPOD to Factory OEM AM/FM Headunit

    Guys, Has anyone attempted to connect an auxillary input to a factory OEM am/fm radio? I do not want to replace the factory radio in my Jeep, but I would like to have the ability to play my IPOD through the speakers. I was looking at this Scosche MOD2- it connects inline to the antenna...
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    Halloween Costume- Jeep

    Hello. In my family's recent move we came across the Jeep costume one of my sons wore about 6 years ago or so. It is available if anyone needs it- looked good with his older brother wearing BTU's. He was 1 1/2 in the photo- would probably fit up to a three year old. Thanks Kyle
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    Moving to Virginia Beach/Norfolk Area

    Hello Guys. As the title says- I am heading to Norfolk,VA. I am being relocated by my employer to the Norfolk area. I should be there by Easter- my family will be moving once school is out. Any local Jeep clubs or meet and greets? I am only bringing one of my Jeeps for right now- the 1978...
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    Gotta hope he needed it much more than I.....

    Finished (as close to finished as I ever get- never really done) my 1978 Jeep CJ-5 Monday after many months... It turned out to be a great driver. I went to Home Depot this morning to get a new battery for my Makita Drill and decided to drive the Jeep to get it. Was in the store for about 30...
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    Id the Ramsey Winch!!!!

    Hello everyone. I bought a Jeep project that had this Jeep mounted to the front end. I am trying to determine the size of the winch- however I have come up empty on my internet searches. I have emailed Ramsey and hope to get a response from them. The data plate is completely sun bleached- I...
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    1987 K20 Silverado 4x4

    Photos of my 1987 Chevrolet Silverado K20 4x4. Pretty neat vehicle- 61K original miles, 350, original paint. I bought it with the intentions of lifting it and use as a ranch truck- now I think I am going to leave it alone. I need to find an original rear bumper. Kinda feel guilty using it as...
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    My new project

    Wanted to share a photo of my boys and I with my new project. They were disappointed when I took the quail rack off the front of it- they wanted to be dropped off at school riding in those seats. Neighborhood 4th of July parade is coming up soon- may have to put it back on for them. :) Before...
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    Bestop Tiger Tops for Scramblers on eBay

    Not me- but the price seems good. - 449 buy it now. - has a second one...
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    Red Mistress Sighting in April 2011 Edition of JP Magazine

    Dennis, Jeep sure did look good in JP- couldn't work your way into the photo?:)
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    Chevy 8.1L and Allision Transmission

    Hello everyone- this came up on Craigslist locally. Price seems decent. Kyle