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    258 Rebuild Kits/ Parts Recommendations

    My 258 is starting to show its age - likely all original since 1982 - 150,000+ miles. I would like to go through it and refresh all the worn parts - basically keeping it stock, providing it doesn't have any major internal damage. It seems a master rebuild kit would be easiest with all parts...
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    Indy Scrambler Sighting

    Last Thursday (late morning) - caught a quick glance of a scrambler on a trailer headed south on 65, just south of 465. Was wondering if it was someone on here. Looked to be in rough shape, but you never know the story.
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    rear chrome step bumper

    I've done a little searching, but could not find the answer. Is a CJ7 rear chrome step bumper the same as a CJ8 - dimensionally and specifically the end caps? Thanks!