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  1. Scramblin_Jim


    So what causes the engine to backfire as you let off on the gas? I have a 258 with a Howell TBI installed and a Flowmaster muffler. Just put new spark plugs in. Checked for vacuum leaks. Put a new gas cap on to pass emissions. So what causes the backfires?
  2. Scramblin_Jim


    I really like the looks of the Scrambler body. After driving my 2010 JK Rubicon I am not so thrilled to drive my Scrambler any more. Call it old age, or just tired of the bone jarring ride, uncomfortable seats, and lackluster performance after being spoiled by the JK. However, I don't like...
  3. Scramblin_Jim

    Value of paint job for resell

    I am toying with getting a paint job done to my Scrambler. Being here in Phoenix there is very little rusting going on yet I see surface rust appearing after 5 years of sitting outside in the AZ sun as the PO's cheap paint job is starting to go. This Jeep is no show Jeep as I never intended to...
  4. Scramblin_Jim

    CJ-8 T-Shirts - where to find them?

    Didn't we use to have a store site that sold Scrambler t-shirts? My 15-year old daughter wants one just like the one I bought about 5-years ago with the outline sketch of a Scrambler on the back. Where are t-shirts sold these days?
  5. Scramblin_Jim

    Vehicle for teenager

    In a couple months my daughter gets her learner permit :eek: My wife and I have been discussing what to do concerning vehicle choices. She would be driving only on weekends about 25 miles one way to friends homes and to church functions. Don't think the Scrambler would be a good choice for...
  6. Scramblin_Jim

    Next modification should be A/C

    OK I'm going soft. 110 and 50% humidity is just getting too hard to take anymore. I am considering installing AC into my '83. Which new systems would you recommend? Also, I have a lot of heat coming in through the firewall and under the seats. Exhaust system I believe is the cause. I was...
  7. Scramblin_Jim


    After many hours of in the lab and thousands of dollars in R&D I finally came up with a solution of turning that unwanted car into a desirable vehicle . . . Jeep-In-A-Bottle! Just add one bottle to the tank of your unwanted car. Wait 4 to 6 weeks and . . . Well actually my wife hated to...
  8. Scramblin_Jim

    DuraSpark molded connector color

    Anyone ever noticed on the DuraSpark modules the molding that holds the wires as it goes into the potted module comes in different colors? I've seen yellow, green, purple, and blue. Mine are blue. Does the different colors mean there is different circuits within the potted module? Anyone...
  9. Scramblin_Jim

    Jeep stalling out

    Driving down the road I noticed that my tack fell to zero and then returned back to normal RPM. It did it a couple times in rapid session. Then as I slowed to make a turn into the driveway the engine died. It has done it for about a week now. It did it while waiting at a traffic light but...
  10. Scramblin_Jim

    Over heating and tapping - a problem?

    The engine sounds OK when firing up from cold. But after running a while I notice it sounds like an old Singer sewing machine tapping away. The frequency increases as the engine RPM increases. Checked the oil dip stick. I'm down about 1/3 on the level. Don't see anything out of normal. I...
  11. Scramblin_Jim

    What length should the drag link be on WT?

    I have a '83 with WT. While getting the power steering all hooked up I found that when I turn the wheels all the way to the right they don't go as far as when I turn the wheels all the way to the left. Looks to me the drag link is too short not allowing the wheels to get position correctly. I...
  12. Scramblin_Jim

    Fit problem with PS and Radiator

    I just got done upgrading from manual to power steering. Put in a heavy duty steering gear box (AGR) and a heavy duty gear box mount (Sam's Offroad HD CJ bracket). Of course had to replace the lower steering shaft as the splines are of different size than what is found on the manual system. I...
  13. Scramblin_Jim

    Need picture of PS belt path on 258

    I am adding PS to my 83 Scrambler with a 258 engine. I went to AutoZone yesterday to buy the belt and they couldn't find it in their system. I assumed this was straight forward install. The PS has it's own belt right? What would the part number be for it? I am running a "v" belt setup and...
  14. Scramblin_Jim

    Oil coming from bottom of engine

    I was in route to my sister's for Christmas lunch, when at about half way there, ~75 miles from home, I pulled into a truck stop for a break. Had been driving it on the freeway at 70 MPH most of the way. Got back to the Scrambler and found a puddle of oil about the size of a dinner plate...
  15. Scramblin_Jim

    Location of temp sensor

    On the 258 engine where is the temp sensor located? Anyone have a picture of it in the stock position? On my engine it is at the front of the engine next to the thermostat and connects to an additional aftermarket meter. The stock temp gauge is not connected up. At this location I read 220...
  16. Scramblin_Jim

    Laptop vehicle mount

    I've been wanting to put my laptop (with GPS and maps) into my Scrambler as I go on long expedition trips where the bigger screen of my Panasonic Toughbook comes in handy over my smaller Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. Doing a little research to find a "police car" mount system to use. I've found some...
  17. Scramblin_Jim

    Hard Tonneau Cover

    A couple of years ago I went down to the local tent & awning company and had a custom soft tonneau cover made. It attaches via snaps and fits nicely around the roll bar tubes. While it works great in keeping rain and most of the dust out of the bed area, it is a real pain to snap up first...
  18. Scramblin_Jim

    What is your oil consumption on your 258 engine?

    In another tread in this forum I mentioned that I was using about 1 quart in 1200 miles and the response was that is excessive. Not to deviate off the subject of the other thread, I thought I'd start this tread to address my issue of oil consumption. What is excessive oil consumption for a 258...
  19. Scramblin_Jim

    Engine swap - merits considered - your thoughts

    The problems: 1. I'm giving thought to removing my engine to address replacing all the freeze plugs. 2. I also hate oil leaks and it looks like the engine rear seal is leaking getting worse after 3 years and 10K miles since engine rebuild. Previous owner did a quick rebuild as it turns out -...
  20. Scramblin_Jim

    258 freeze plug leaking - how do you change it out?

    Noticed a very small leak on the left front side of the engine. I looks like it is coming from the middle of the forward most freeze plug. Is this a job a novice mechanic can do? How do you pull it out and install a new one? Does NAPA or other automotive parts houses carry them? Thanks in...