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  1. RubberDuck

    Stuck temp gauge

    I think I already know the answer to this, but figured I'd ask anyways. It appears my temp gauge is "stuck" whether the jeep is on or off. At first I was afraid the jeep was overheating because it was pegged fairly high. But it is in fact stuck. Due to some rather questionable modifications...
  2. RubberDuck

    New drums won’t spin with lugs tightened

    Redoing the rear drums - new everything - shoes, hardware, drums etc. Everything looks perfect. However when the drum is tightened down with the lugs it won’t spin freely. One drum was definitely bad - it has a mold/casting “knob” still present that hits on each rotation. But the other did...
  3. RubberDuck

    AMC-20 Parking Brake hardware missing?

    So I just took apart my AMC 20 drum brakes, they were due for a change. I didn't put this axle together originally. The drivers side seems to be completely missing the parking brake lever that attaches to the rear shoe and the spreader/equalizer bar. What the heck? There's a parking brake...
  4. RubberDuck

    Starter switch? Issue

    I’ve got an electrical gremlin on my hands. Parked the jeep and it was just fine. Went to start it later - voltage drops from 12 to 10 on volt meter but won’t crank. I checked the solenoid and it cranks just fine when 12v is applied to the small terminal so it’s not that. Even ran a fresh...
  5. RubberDuck

    Winch wiring question

    Hey everyone, So I'm trying to retrofit an old Ramsey winch solenoid/controller onto the no-name winch that controls this snow plow I picked up. Thing is, there's no positive or negative markings on the winch motor. Does it really matter which one it goes to? As I understand it it's just...
  6. RubberDuck

    HEi Conversion - Help!

    Hi All, I'm scratching my head after hours of trying to get my 401 to fire with the new HEI I bought for it. Swapped my old gear which was in good shape, got rid of the old ignition, re-gapped plugs to .045. Turned the engine over til #1 piston was as close to TDC as I could tell (I can't see...
  7. RubberDuck

    Jeep randomly conks out while driving

    Lately my CJ8 has been randomly dying while driving around town :eek: it has a 401 with standard ignition, I'm guessing maybe the coil? It's got this funky ballast resistor on the coil as well. Any insights would be appreciated!
  8. RubberDuck

    Anyone have a good painter in MD?

    I picked up a 1974 Cherokee for my father in law as a surprise. It was his first new car and always talked about how he wishes he had it back. I found a great original 74 except it looks like someone repainted it with a broom. Hadn't run in 5 years but I've got it running and driving now...
  9. RubberDuck

    Longer / extended tie rod adjusting sleeve or end?

    Does anyone know if anyone makes an extended tie rod adjustment sleeve or tie rod end? Putting the finishing touches on my axle swap on my CJ10 and I'm about an inch short in terms of adjustment on my tie rod. I'd hate to have to get a new one as this one including the hardware/ball joints etc...
  10. RubberDuck

    Locking hub won't slide into hub/rotor!

    I'm in the middle of a front axle swap and am stumped. Everything was going smoothly until I went to attach the locking hubs. Off the spindle, the locking hub clutch slides in smoothly. When torqued onto the spindle it won't go in more than half way. If you untorque the lock nut and push up on...
  11. RubberDuck

    Flat Fender CJ2A Price Help

    I may have an opportunity to buy a pretty original flat fender CJ-2A from a family friend. Overall it is pretty rust free with only a couple spots in the floor that need attention, but nothing major. Runs and drives. May need rings at some point as it smokes a little bit at startup, but it...
  12. RubberDuck

    Ring & Pinion Recomendations

    Looking for a 4.89 gear set for a D44 front axle out of a Chief. It is going in my CJ10a which will not see a lot of hard core offroading but will be more of a farm utility/plow vehicle. Looking for a brand recommendation. Not looking to break the bank, as I'm not going to abuse it, but also...
  13. RubberDuck

    CJ10a Flightline Tug

    So, after assembling many needed parts to start converting my CJ10a tug to a CJ10-ish pickup, I've reached an inflection point and done an about-face. When reading someone else's build thread, someone made the comment that they hope at least one of the 2000 or so tugs that were produced would...
  14. RubberDuck

    Strange idle issue when starting hot

    I've got a head scratcher. I have a 401 in my Scrambler, Edelbrock intake & 4bbl carb. When starting cold, it starts and idles strong, no problem. Warms up and drives great. Then, if you get it good and warm, shut it down for awhile (like 20 mins-half hour) and start it, it idles like...
  15. RubberDuck

    CJ-10 aircraft tug conversion

    I may be coming into a CJ-10 diesel aircraft tug, or at least be able to buy it very cheap. I'd be interested in converting it to a true CJ-10 pickup. My question is, has anyone ever tackled this and know what on the tug is usable versus not? I know they are only 4x2 and have a super low...
  16. RubberDuck

    Big Walton, you ready???

    Rocking my Ravens gear in the SF Bay Area this week. I'm out here for work.... definitely getting some strange looks. Also getting some thumbs up from people I can only assume are either displaced Marylanders or Raiders fans with no hope.
  17. RubberDuck

    Talk me out of buying this

    I'm out of room, but I can't pass up good deals! LOL. Found a CJ7 Laredo, tub is trash in my opinion but probably savable. The good: Holley Projection system, perfect Laredo back seat, decent drivers seat, so-so passenger seat. Good Laredo steering wheel and grab bar. Laredo gauges. Set of...
  18. RubberDuck

    76-80 Conversion Door Strikers?

    Anyone have a source for the conversion strikers to fit 81-86 style doors on a 76-80 body? I know Collins bros has them but $80 seems pretty steep for a pair of strikers. I have a set off a 81-86, but would require a bunch of body modification.
  19. RubberDuck

    Dumb AC compressor question

    Just put a junkyard York 210 in my Scrambler to replace my bad one. It's making a slight pinging sound which another junkyard compressor I tried also made which at first I thought was internal damage. But after doing some reading it sounds like it might just be because I have air in my system...
  20. RubberDuck

    Aftermarket Edelbrock intake with V8 - Which gasket?

    PO installed an aftermarket intake on my 401, which I believe is an Edelbrock performer. Can a standard OEM type gasket and valley pan gasket be used or do I need a special gasket set? I'm sucking air in through the gasket right now and it's only getting worse.