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    torque arm and stud questions

    I now have a torque arm and stud in my possession. As my jeep had none of this and I've never worked with stock running gear before, I have little more than an idea on how to make all this work. I have asked the googles with less than satisfying responses. The new stud came with bushings and...
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    transmission mount doesn't line up

    I found my transmission mount to be in two pieces. It was only bolted to the right hole of the mount and the left hole in the skid plate. I put in a new mount. Now my bolt holes on my mount to plate are about 2 inches off left to right. Any ideas? I am all ears. Thank you Chris
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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    Have any of you converted your mechanical clutch linkage to hydraulic? If so, why? I have had plans to swap in one of my ax15 transmissions, but the bellhousings are not set up for mechanical linkage at all. I know I can do it with an older bell housing, but the adapters required I have no...
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    Fuel Pressure?

    How much fuel pressure do the factory 4.2 fuel pumps generally push in proper working condition? Mine had a fuel filter with one inlet and two outlets. One of the outlets went to a fuel regulator and the other went back to the tank. When I throttled the engine, fuel pressure dropped from...
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    1981 wiring question

    Somewhere upstream in the ownership chain of my 81 there was someone who really thought they were a better electrical engineer than the manufacturer. My harness is littered with male/female spade connectors from front to back. I've removed all sorts of unnecessary wiring so far. I had a stand...
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    4.2 with 4.0 head or stroker?

    The title says it all. What makes a stroker better than a 4.2 with a 4.0 head? Assuming all ignition, injection, and cams are the same, what's really the difference?
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    4.2 or small block ford

    I am looking for some perspective please. My scrambler is a 4.2 jeep currently. I have a 4.2 with gm hei and howell fi with 10,000 miles in another jeep that I am parting out. I also have a gt40 302 small block ford. I know the v8 will have way more power, but I don't have enough personal...
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    8.8 ford matched with?

    I am replacing the narrow track axles in my 81. I already own a 95 explorer disc brake 8.8. I am not having easy luck determining my front axle though. I am not planning on out perching my front springs. What have others done? The explorer 8.8 is 59.5 wms I believe. Chris
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    New member here.

    I'm in! I just bought a 1981 cj8. It's a 4.2 four speed model. It runs and drives well so far. I drove it home two hours. Someone must have messed with the gears in the 300 because it has 35s currently and I'm driving slower than the speedo reads. From my rpm calculations it has 3.73s in it...