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    Hind sight

  2. MrBeep

    Not Mine, but wow

    Big block Chevy power. These are the NOS quarters I had.
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    Fall IOK Swap Meet

    The IOK Fall Swap Meet will b October 5-6-7 at the IOK club grounds and home of Gravelrama. :wave:
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    Scrambler’s at work and play

    Wehad We had a tree come down in some 80+ mph straight line winds last week. Scrambler family to the rescue! Look ar where this tree fell. It missed the deck, the stairway to dock an most importantly, our house. We couldn’t have dropped it any more accurate. Thanks to Brad, his nephew and...
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    Sand Blast 11 “Caption This”

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    New beginnings

    Two of the six Scramblers I sold earlier this year began their new lives today at Mecum Auction, Kissimmee, Florida. I hope they show up here soon. :wave:
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    Why the SOA is AWESOME

    I received a very greatfull note this evening from my neighbor up at Silver Lake. Long story short, at Sand Blast 10 our group showed up and unloaded 10000 pounds of wood pellets for their wood stove. Cindy thanks us everyday. She ask me to pass along her gratitude to all involved. Makes me...
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    As some of you know, I have a grandson with NF, neurofibromatosis. He was diagnosed at 18 months old. They told us there is no cure or treatment. The doctors told us he would be fortunate if he made it to the age of three. Jesse is celebrating his 13 birthday today. We are so blessed.
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    Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Great weekend at the Dunes! Dunes were very steep and challenging. Busy yesterday and today. :bacon:
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    Sticker, Snicker

    I'm getting to old for this. Six Semi loads. What Have I gotten myself into? :banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Getting Ready For Sand Blast 10

    The sunset is practicing also. Opening day tomorrow!
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    Spring Jeep Swap Meet

    IOK Four Wheelers annual spring Swap Meet will be held at the Gravelrama grounds in Cleves, Ohio. The dates are April 7, 8 and 9 2017. Come join us! Several members will be in attendance. $5 per day includes everything including camping and booth space. Very large turnout. Look forward to...
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    Jeep Swap Meet

    It's that time of year again. IOK Swap Meet. Will be held at the Gravelrama grounds April 7-9. Three day pass is $15. This includes parking, camping, admission and booth space if you want to set up. Great time and several Cj -8 members attend. Look forward to seeing everyone. :smokin: :wave:
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    IOK Swap Meet

    Its that time again. The IOK Four Wheelers will be hosting our annual fall Swap Meet October 7-8 & 9 at the Gravelrama grounds in Cleves, OH. Large gathering of CJ-8 members usually also. We will be having a steak dinner availible Saturday night also for those interested. Come on down and...
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    "Sand Blast 9"

    Check out "Midwest Region" post for schedule for Sand Blast 9. Looking forward to seeing everyone! If y'all can make it, you'll surely enjoy! Trying to have something for everyone. Nine days this year! :bacon: :bacon::bacon: :wave:
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    IOK Swap Meet

    Swap meet is this week end April 8,9 & 10 at the IOK Four Wheelers Gravelrama site. Saturday is usually the biggest day. $15 admision Friday good for all three days, Sat. & Sun. $5.00 each day. Loads of Jeep parts there and several members of this site. Hope to see you there. :wave:
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    Sand Blast 9

    I started a thread in the "Mid-West Region" for our 9th annual SOA Sand Blast at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Mears, Michigan. The event will be from August 1 through 8th 2016. I will be staying an additional few days after the event ifor those wanting a little additional "Dune Time" company...
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    Fall IOK Swap Meet

    The Fall IOK Swap Meet will be this weekend, October 9,10 & 11 at the IOK Four Wheelers Grounds. You can go the for directions. :wave...
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    What is better than one scrambler on the dunes?

    Great day on the dunes!