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  1. Shrek

    I did a thing/ Sickness.

  2. Shrek

    Painless CJ Wiring harness

    I just finished the install of the Painless 21 circuit harness on my CJ7. I know it is not an Scrambler but it is the same harness. I thought I was finished, it would not stay running after I let go of the key in the run position. After reading the manual several times and reading the...
  3. Shrek

    Dual Battery

    What does everyone do for a dual battery setup?
  4. Shrek

    AMC 304

    My 83 Scrambler came to me with a 304 in it. Originally had a 258 but that was changed by the previous owner before the one I bought it from. Is their anything to look out for on this engine? Or just general thoughts good bad or indifferent that any one can tell me about it. My plan is to go...