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    Third bow in soft top

    Does anybody remember where a thread is that concerned adding a third bow to the full soft top? Can't find it and I thought there were several mentions of that. Race jeep needs one to keep the sag out.
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    Rebelle Rally Support Opportunity

    This event needs some support! This from my wife: Click on the attachment for the info about the women's only off-road rally coming up this fall.
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    Winter 2014-2015 Snow Pics

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    Moab in Spring

    Starting to think about a trip to Utah before the National event in Alabama. Southwest of Moab, on the other side of the river in the Maze District. Early to mid May sometime. A few days or a week offroad, coming in there by the Flint Trail and out towards the Confluence Overlook, Ekker Butte...
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    World's slowest "8"!

    Sunday afternoon fun. My neightbor who's into hot rods knows this guy... he thought 9 feet/hour was slow but now he goes 12 inches per hour in low gear!
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    My end-Tire thoughts on the subject...

    I've been trying to decide what to do with tires since I discovered the new wheels (w/new tires) don't fit on the Wagoneer axles I'm using on my white jeep project. They hit the calipers in a big (not small) way _ I'd have to grind away half the metal. Spacers would have everything stick out too...
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    What happened to MAD4wd?

    It appears that MAD4wd in Ohio no longer exists. I sent them money last month but haven't heard back from them except for the order confirmation, and now the website appears defunct and the phone disconnected. Does anybody know anything about them? I see they filed for bankruptcy a year and a...
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    Engine fan vs Radiator

    So, it looks to me now that I have built the radiator mounts for this fancy aluminum radiator and reattached the one-piece front end on my white jeep, that the hood won't close when the radiator is far enough away from the fan for the fan to spin. The back of the headlights hit the radiator...
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    2014 SODA - Scramblers On Drummond Island

    I thought I'd post this here as well if there are other folks out there who would like to come to Drummond Island next month for a Scrambler event. September 26-28 we're hosting a weekend of trail riding and scenery etc on Drummond Island, Michigan. T-shirts and hoodies available :) Lots of...
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    SOA build on SHLTR3

    For the entertainment of ajmaudio and others... :) Last year I set out to build an SOA lift that would get as much stuff up out of the snow as possible while providing a soft ride and keeping the center of gravity low for safer on-road driving. I used stock YJ springs and kept the lift as...
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    Moab Trip Report

    Made it back from Moab! 4590 miles - no serious problems. What a blast we had! So many rigs and interesting people - pictures to follow. We got out of Moab Saturday morning to get ahead of that big winter storm and be east of the mountains. Then all that stuff made the big weather in Nebraska...
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    Charcoal canister again

    Got a dripping charcoal canister again - starting to think maybe a lack of check valve at the fuel tank. I pinched off that tank/canister hose and it seemed to quit, though I could still smell it. The other thing that's crossed my mind is a carb float set too high and dumping fuel on...
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    Whistling 258

    Went for a test drive today and heard a whistle that I'm fairly sure is a vacuum leak. Didn't have it before I took the manifolds off to drill out the exhaust flange studs. I can't seem to pinpoint it - doesn't happen all the time and only after a high-speed deceleration. It lasts for a couple...
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    Dana 300 problem

    So, I drained the lube in the transefer case today in preparation for Moab, and it came out all silver. :( I took the cover off and there was a bunch of metal gathered in the pan, bare steel on one side and bronze on the other. Looks like a thrust washer sort of thickness. No gear teeth messed...
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    Tire carrier/gas can holder design

    I'm going to build a spare tire carrier/gas can/cargo rack like you see around. Does anybody have pics or input on their favorite design? Looks like some folks put the cans between the tire and the tailgate, some on each side or in the back. Seems like the best thing would be most of the weight...
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    Snow Roller Build

    I decided to build an old-fashioned roller as the old-fashioned drag wasn't keeping up with the snow this year. It needed to be as wide as possible to make a road wide enough to stay in and not slide off into the deep unpacked snow on the edges. Seven feet wide seemed to be right in order to get...
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    Charcoal canister leak?

    Today I took the '82 out for its first rocky road adventure, and after climbing a steep place, smelled fuel and found gas dripping from thecharcoal canister. Somewhere underneath or behind, couldn't tell. about ten miles from the pavement, so crossed my fingers and eventually it stopped...
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    Fenderwell holes

    Anybody know what these holes in the rear fenderwells might be for? Sent from my BlackBerry 9700
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    CJ-8 Lumber truck

    Loading lumber... Sent from my BlackBerry 9700
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    Hard top attachment

    I'm starting to think about fixing the big rattle at the windshield. As you all know, the hard top has a metal strip pop-riveted to it to screw to the top flange of the windshield frame. It looks like the PO used aluminum rivets in between the loose original ones (are they steel?) and they are...