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  1. Dave The Sparky

    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Before you read this just note i am based in the UK where Chevrolet dont really exist and GM purely make passenger cars and SUVs under the name of Vauxhal!!!!! I would like to know what do you all use or recommend to read engine/transmission codes on your modern LS swaps? I have a 2000ish...
  2. Dave The Sparky

    Rock Auto CJ8 Magnet

    Apologies if this has been on here before but i got this in my parcel today, is it someone on here?
  3. Dave The Sparky

    Chevy/GM ECU Reprogramming

    Anyone able to recommend a ECU re-programmer for my 2001 4.3 Chevy Blazer ECU thats going with the engine in to my 8? I really want to keep the MPI but for those who dont know i am in the UK so could do with someone who has had a good experiance with this and i can send it to them with some...
  4. Dave The Sparky

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Thought i had started a thread on this on the old forum but cannot find it so i will start again. Bought this a good few years ago whilst doing my blue one up when it suddenly appeared on a forum. Laredo model in poor condition and looked very much like someone had stripped it all in pieces once...
  5. Dave The Sparky

    4.2 Rattling top end problem

    Best off watching the video but does anyone know how much sideways movement there should be on a rocker arm?. I ran the engine for 10-15 seconds to make sure the lifters were primed before taking the video. The engine was rebuilt 4ish years ago and has only done about 2500 miles but its had a...
  6. Dave The Sparky

    Snails Pace 82 Scrambler Laredo UK spec rebuild

    No idea why i do it to myself but the brown Laredo i bought with a full hardtop is going to get a makeover... What i have started with looks in places like it has been sat next to the sea for years which it possibly has done.
  7. Dave The Sparky

    Help! Weber carb 2nd stage flat spot..

    Anyone any good with these carbs?, been playing in the yard with my Scrambler and found it does not like being floored at all. ( I knew there was a reason why i prefer diesels :) ) The 32/36 Carb installed is new and was bought and shipped over from the US from 4wd hardware. Engine is timed to...
  8. Dave The Sparky

    Chevy conversion questions??

    I have searched the internet but cannot find a proper answer to this question as opinions seem to vary. The new Scrambler i have purchased has a Chevy straight 6 in it that the previous owner put in place of the 2.5 Iron Duke i am assuming they used the 2.5s bellhousing when installing the...
  9. Dave The Sparky

    Master cylinder thread sizes

    Anyone handily know what the threads are on Jeep brake master cylinders before i re-do my brake pipes on the front??? Look to be 7/16 and 1/2 inch and i am guessing 24 pitch as they appear very fine but still connected up at the moment so its a bit hard to tell. Help appreciated as living in a...
  10. Dave The Sparky

    Replacement steering box input seal sellers??

    Whilst my rebuild goes on and on the steering box appears to be leaking from the input shaft seal and this is whilst its sat going nowhere!. The box is tight and works fine so i think the seals have just perished from being sat still for so long. So does anyone know where you can obtain the...
  11. Dave The Sparky

    OEM floor shifter light fixing

    I have a floor shifter for my TF999 (with a corner missing that i need to replace) and there is a light to go in it, but how does it fasten down? Best thing i could come up with was the clip holds it but that seems a bit slack even for AMC, so has any one ever changed the light bulb in there and...
  12. Dave The Sparky

    Anyone bought anything from

    They will sell me a complete rear sliding window for $140 and the shipping to the UK is another $267. Sounds like a bargain (to me anyway), just wondered if anyone had first hand experience before i press go.
  13. Dave The Sparky

    Horn mounting location????

    Yep i cant remember where the horn was mounted and its not on any of my photos, so can anyone shed some light? Dont know if it makes any difference but if for a RHD model, so overlander/postal people may be best placed to answer maybe?
  14. Dave The Sparky

    Jeep body tub logo

    As the M.D Juan tub comes without the Jeep logo on the side i have been racking my brain on the best way to solve this problem and other than cut out the letters from my old tub and weld them in which would be a pain to do as there is an upright behind where i would need to cut out/weld and the...
  15. Dave The Sparky

    One for the RHD owners please.

    Trying to trail fit my seats into this new tub to make sure they fit and have realised i am missing part of the seat base. The seats were not fixed in the 8 when i bought it but one side of the bases was as it had the handbrake attached to it. So i have this bit (photo below) and need to ask...
  16. Dave The Sparky

    Strange letters on my Vin number?

    Looked at my Vin number using some on line sites and there are some letters that do not exist? First 11 digits are 1JFCE88H1BT. The 5th and 8th letters which are the E and the H don't seem to exist! just wondered if anyone else had any trouble like this or had a better decoder with more...
  17. Dave The Sparky

    Cherokee S badges

    May not be the best place to post this but my mate bought a 1978 Cherokee S for parts today for his J20 and found these cast aluminium badges in the boxes of stuff. We have never seen or come across them before and they were stuck on to the front fenders with a smaller emblem stuck on to the...
  18. Dave The Sparky

    Weber carb hoses/vacuum lines?

    Being a diesel man i hope you kind people can help me with my Weber Carb as this petrol stuff is new to me and kind of magic... I have a brand new Weber carb which i have installed on my rebuilt 4.2 litre and i have had it running beautifully with that, but i have a couple of hoses i need to...
  19. Dave The Sparky

    Whats this for?

    Next question is what is this rusty looking thing for since i cant find any photos with it on:o If i remember correctly it was bolted to the chassis near the brake proportioning valve, so i presume its some sort of bearing for a linkage but cant remember?. If its something to do with the auto...
  20. Dave The Sparky

    rear crossmember reinforcements?

    Anyone else have these? They were fitted with some large bolts and posts through the chassis presumably for reinforcing the tow bar but i would like to know if they are standard fitment as they look a bit home made but you never know with Jeep!.