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  1. jak inc

    Laredo package question

    Yes, chrome front bumper, chrome grill cover, chrome mirrors, and chrome exterior door handles.
  2. jak inc

    WANTED: PDF instructions for Bestop Dualmatic full soft top Jeep Scrambler

    Does anyone have a PDF or know the link to installation instructions for a Bestop Dualmatic full soft top for a Jeep Scrambler? It is the one with the snaps down the side. Thanks in advance.
  3. jak inc

    Are these seats original?

  4. jak inc

    Front Frame Cover

    How much Jim?
  5. jak inc

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Hog Ring pliers will be your friend! I am certain of your success.
  6. jak inc

    Tailgate latch ideas?

    I think CJ7 with its covered top had gaskets while the CJ8 had two small bump stops therefore making the tailgate open for letting water out.
  7. jak inc

    My "new" dream Scrambler

    IIRC The numbers are reversed in the mopar database at the dealer too. Order the right and its actually the left. I believe the TJ handles are the same as CJ's just reversed in pull direction.
  8. jak inc

    Bringing An(other) Overlander Back Home II

    I was wondering... What are the two styles of roll bar? Is one a CJ7 and the other a regular CJ8 Scrambler?
  9. jak inc

    1982 Slate Blue Metallic SR

    Does the color match too?
  10. jak inc

    304 & 999 Scrambler Build

    Very nice work! I wouldn't expect any less from you. I love the shop setup too.
  11. jak inc

    Anyone on here grab this Brush Scrambler?

    I thought $7800 plus the buyers premium was a lot for this one. But nice piece of history to be sure. Well done!
  12. jak inc

    Anyone on here grab this Brush Scrambler?

    Auction just closed today...
  13. jak inc

    CJ Build Sheet Scan Thread

    Attached to bottom of front seat.
  14. jak inc

    Pouring oil into my frame to preserve it longer!

    x2 Fluid Film. I have been using it for years on my plow trucks. It works well on oil pans of 7.3 PSD too. We have a 1997 and a 2000 that has seen each winter plowing commercially since new and still running the original oil pans.
  15. jak inc

    Front seats

    x2... looks like re-covered base model low backs
  16. jak inc

    1984 SL Restoration

    Thank you for doing this. It will be helpful to me and others.
  17. jak inc

    1984 SL Restoration

    Good progress. Would you be willing to post up a pdf scan of the antennae mount template? Thanks.
  18. jak inc

    Shipping a rear seat?

    Uhaul calls it the flat wardrobe , I think.
  19. jak inc

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Nice radiator detail! Well done.
  20. jak inc

    Scrambler photo contest

    If this is an Alaskan Postal... is it on the registry? It has the correct swing on the rear door and stilll has the rear mud flaps. Do you have any contact info?