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  1. bigwalton

    Help Support 4 Wheel to Heal this Giving Tuesday

    Today is Giving Tuesday and Facebook is matching donations for non-profit fundraisers on their platform today. Having just jointed the board of 4 Wheel to Heal, I found out how badly 2020 has wrecked their fundraising because of all of the cancelled events they would have attended. That is their...
  2. bigwalton

    Excited to help our veterans and wounded warriors - 4 Wheel to Heal

    I am immensely proud and very excited to share that I have volunteered to serve as the communications director for 4 Wheel to Heal, a non-profit dedicated to serving wounded and disabled veterans from all branches of the military through off-road therapy. It is 100% volunteer driven, so 100% of...
  3. bigwalton

    9th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - Open Now! - No membership requirement

    :christmas::christmas::christmas::christmas::christmas::christmas: Starting this a little earlier this year because 2020 flat-out sucks and I'm willing to trade being "too early for Christmas stuff" to try to give folks on here something positive and fun to think about -- plus this gives...
  4. bigwalton

    SOA membership statuses updated... but there's an issue

    I finally went through to update the SOA membership status of users on here. The delay for doing this for 2020 is on me, I simply didn't get to it in a timely fashion. Thanks to @Gscram for working to get me the current list. Unfortunately, there seems to have been an issue with the database...
  5. bigwalton

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Hit me that this might be fun, a little "bench building" exercise :smokin: Background: I have resolved that my postal needs to get blown apart after the SOA National Scramble/SandBlast next year to fix lingering issues, some of which have been there since the purchase in Anchorage in 2002. I...
  6. bigwalton

    Scrambler w/ full cage rain cover options - JeepJacket JLU & JKU fitment photos

    Many folks here know that this forum is owned by Matt Donaghy, the owner of GR8TOPS. I talked to him a while back about trying a rain cover for a JKU on my Scrambler with a full roll cage and from our discussion we agreed it would probably work well. I got one and it did indeed work. I...
  7. bigwalton

    Crazy wiper mod attempt

    I drove the postal this morning after some rain last night. The roads were pretty dried out but some wet spots, more than I thought there would be. Ended up behind someone and got the windshield covered with spray. Been a long while since I last cleaned it and Rain-Xed it, so it was a sloppy...
  8. bigwalton

    Custom Jeep Hotwheel video

    Most of us will dislike the same things about this, but damn if it’s not worth a watch :huh:
  9. bigwalton

    Bolt location/sorting trick for disassembly

    I had an AMC drag racer/engine builder friend come over to check out the 401 I’m putting in my Cherokee. He saw this in my pile of parts and it shocked me when he commented “wow that’s a great idea” because he’s been into cars and building forever. if you’ve never had an AMC v8 water pump and...
  10. bigwalton

    Current Scrambler pics

    Let’s see your most current pic of your Scrambler(s). Got out with the kid yesterday for a nice long drive part paved part dirt, that happened to end—oddly enough— at Dairy Queen.
  11. bigwalton

    Happy birthday Mr. Beep/Toby!

    Happy birthday to my adopted Jeep dad, a great friend and cofounder of the Silver Lake Sandblast Scramble!!!
  12. bigwalton

    OT: Fortnite players?

    I got into this game to have something to do with my 14 year old and it’s sucked me in. Curious if anyone else on here plays and would want to team up? Pic of a weird glitch that happened last night.
  13. bigwalton

    Scrambler photo contest

    I feel like we need something good and positive. I will offer up some kind of fun scrambler-related prize for the best Scrambler photo posted in this thread. Only one photo counts per person, if you post more than one the first one is the only one eligible for the contest. Contest ends next...
  14. bigwalton

    HELP NEEDED: Jeep relay from Wisconsin to Michigan for disabled Jeeper

    Ok family, I want to see if we can help out a hugely deserving Jeeper who's had yet another massive pile of bad luck dumped on him. Some of you may know David Adams for different reasons, he's an absolute icon in the Jeep community and genuinely one of the nicest people you'll ever...
  15. bigwalton

    No coronavirus/COVID-19 threads on

    While we're not going to spam your inbox with yet another email about handling this, it's become apparent that we needed to make it clear that we will not allow any threads on here about the coronavirus/Covid-19. While it's obviously a potentially huge issue that we're all facing, there are...
  16. bigwalton

    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Toby/Mr Beep was admitted to the hospital yesterday with severe abdominal pain, hardly able to move :( Any positive thoughts and prayers you can send their way would be great.
  17. bigwalton

    Early first Postal drive of 2020

    Had to press the door/window-less Postal into a slightly early first run of the year today, had a small issue on my DD TJ and needed to get the kid to flute practice. At least had a warming day and it’s rained a bit since the last salt. people passing us the other way had to be freaked out by...
  18. bigwalton

    Jeeps and trees

    We got one snow where they put salt down but it was just one time and we got some good rain since, so I decided to go ahead and take Mater for our tree trip. Had to avoid one little town on the way back due to a parade/festival and dumb lucked into passing a cool old barn complex with a sweet...
  19. bigwalton

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m thankful for this place, all it’s taught me and all the great people I’ve met through it. Our traditional bacon-wrapped turkey. Self-basting awesomeness as the bacon cooks perfectly as the bird cooks.
  20. bigwalton

    Family photos?

    Well Jeep family anyway... I realized that I didn’t have a photo of my four “real” Jeeps together and the Cherokee (and possibly the LJ) will be going into winter storage soon. Made it happen with the crappy light we had this evening after running errands in Mater. For folks not familiar...