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    One owner I found

    I picked up this little jewel on my drive home. Bought new in northern Utah. Found it in Boise. One owner. Original title. (Idaho). Hasnt ran in a dozen yrs or so. Nicest body and frame i have seen in many years. Should clean up nicely. Half top,full top and factory soft top. Somebody...
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    national event link

    Am I stupid or what? I'm trying to send a link to several 8 owners for the nationals and can't find the link for registration. I find all kinds of threads about it but cant locate the actual thread with the link for the registration. Shouldnt this be a sticky at the top of the event section?
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    national event t-shirt ideas

    Ok Guys and gals. It's time to start thinking about shirt ideas. I am open to any and all suggestions towards the design, color, brand and anything else you might like on the shirts for the national.. So please start bouncing some ideas our way. Thanks
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    westward travelers

    anyone coming through topeka on I70 feel free to stop by the shop. I.m about a mile off the interstate. You can call for any needs during your travels. Mike 4x4 land 5602 s topeka blvd topeka ks 66609 785 862 8008 785 554 7722 cell
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    next year baby

    Start gathering your parts boys. I smell a challenge:banghead:
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    weird top

    anybody ever seen one like this ?
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    slider rear windows

    need a couple rear sliders. Can't find where to get them on here. Wondering if anyone coming to the nationals can bring them from the east?? Mike 4x4land
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    strength of a legend

    As many of you know, our current prez is a very powerful man. In many ways. But this weekend he showed a particular ability I have never witnessed before. Imagine, if you will, a 6 inch cast iron c clamp. You know, the steel clamps we all have hanging on our garage wall or in our tool box. We...
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    CJ8 rocker skids at the national

    In years past I have lugged many sets with me to sell. I will not be doing that this year. I am donating one set to the raffle but will only be bringing others if someone orders or requests them. If you want a set please pm me or call me at the shop. 4x4land 785 862 8008. Mike
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    Congrats to the CHEIF.

    Welcome back Jason. Read in the paper that the trial is over. I can't imagine being on a jury for that long.:D
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    Charity Scrambler

    The (unit) is now in KS. Thanks to Mike W for bringing it all the way. It got here at 1:00 and by 1:30 it was at a mud run on display selling tickets here about ten miles from the shop. When I was in Indy I got meguires to donate a cleaner wax and I tried to get all the water spots off of it...
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    Rocker skids

    Finally they are here. 20 sets in stock, ready to ship. I know it took forever and I appologize. I had to practically strangle them to get them finished. Looking for a new supplier now for the next batch. These are solid on the bottom. No cutouts around the mounts. Plain with no rock rails...
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    Where's the mule?

    Not a peep since the nats!! Yooohoooo come out come out wherever you are!::eek:
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    Rocker Skids

    In the past I have lugged a dozen sets with me to each national. This year I'm not. I'm giving one set away like always but if anyone else wants a set you'll have to call me to place an order. Just too much hassle to package them and carry the weight. I already cross the scale at 30K. Saves...
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    Soa Charity Transportation

    So everyone knows. A few good men have put their heads together. We have managed to put together a plan for the project scrambler to be delivered from kansas to Indiana next week. Jason and I are going to meet this weekend to get it to Topeka. Dan Cole is coming through Topeka early next week...
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    Project Scrambler and the Adams Family

    I wanted to take a moment and pay respect to a couple guys here. Ken and Jason Adams. I realize there are alot of people who have gone to great lengths for this project. While I don't mean to overlook anyone I want to point out just how much time and dedication these two men have gone to towards...
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    Scrambler raffle tickets

    OK men. The project is now running around under it's own power. In one month it will be 99% complete. I am meeting scott the third weekend in april and bringing home the tires to put on these wheels and the hardtop. Another couple days like saturday with the Adams and Bill Heins and this thing...
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    It is Alive!!!!!!

    Thats right boys and girls, the SOA project roared to life today. Runs good. A little tweaking here and there but she sounds pretty good. Drove it out of the shop on her own power tonight. Birthdate 3 14 2007. Mike
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    CJ8 Project Hesco Donation

    Here is a picture of the fuel injection kit from Hesco for the CJ8 Project Scrambler. Please do everything in your power to support this company as they have donated a huge asset to this project. Mike