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  1. pcozad1

    Red Fish Yesterday

    I don't post here much anymore but I am still alive and kicking. Went out for a little red fish action yesterday and my wife got this one on her second cast. 29". Still pulling the boat with the scrambler.
  2. pcozad1

    A new toy

    Since the Scrambler is in Florida and I only drive it three weeks out of the year. I needed something to take its place here. 1998 Isuzu Amigo. A real kick to drive.
  3. pcozad1

    Pics of Scrambler and new toy

    Some pics of the scrambler in florida.Bought this 2005 Chrysler Crossfire while there and drove it back to Nebraska.The scrambler was moved to florida to pull the boat.
  4. pcozad1

    Before and after pics

    The first one is what it looked like when I bought it.Then one from last year on the Platte river . Last picture is Four months ago in Punta Gorda Florida.I am heading to Florida in two weeks can't wait to drive the scrambler.We are taking the dogs with us this time . I think they miss the jeep...
  5. pcozad1

    The scramblers new job

    I shipped the scrambler down to florida three weeks ago and this is what it will be used for along with the nightly jeep rides when we are on vacation. The boat is 3800 lbs plus 600 lbs trailer and I dont know what the outboard weighs along with all the fishing gear. It pulls it with no problem...
  6. pcozad1

    2010 Jeep Jamboree The link above is our local jeep clubs main event . Everyone is invited . I always get questions on this forum about the picture of my scrambler sinking in the Platte river. We dont have mountains or canyons with rough rocky trails but we do have lots of sandy...
  7. pcozad1

    Some new pics with the wife driving

    We just got back from a little drive around the area . The loop river is only a few blocks from the house . I have been getting Jennifer comfortable driving because we are shipping the scrambler down to our vacation home in florida. That way we wont have to rent a car and we will have something...
  8. pcozad1

    New seats and rear seat hinged

    Recovered the original seats and hinged the back seat so now there is a little storage underneath just enough for the dogs stuff water bowl , chain , collars , milkbones. The springs were shot so welded a frame with some expanded metal in the middle .In the next pics are the upgrade to the old...
  9. pcozad1

    I cant Jeep every day

    I bought this yesterday .Its an 18 foot Hydrasports center console with only forty hours use. Its in Alabama Im in Nebraska and its on its way to Florida. We are shipping the scrambler down next month . So on Vacation I wont have to do the tourist stuff anymore. We can hook the boat up to the...
  10. pcozad1

    Had my seats done

    Found a guy locally that does upholstry work . He did my two originals in front and rear seat for $375.00 and finished in four days .I had a quote before for $1000.00 and it was going to take about three months (Typical ). You can probably guess what color Thats right bubble gum pink. They...
  11. pcozad1

    New liner

    Here is a new shot with the spray on Semms Product
  12. pcozad1

    Wow what a difference I can pass now

    Did the HEI upgrade ,new intake and mc2100 carb, put 4:10 yukon gears . Now I wish I had a fifth gear. 65 on the way home still had lots of throttle left. There is a hill on the way home that I used to have to grab third gear just so I didnt lose speed. What a difference left it in fourth...
  13. pcozad1

    So what can I expect ?

    As some of you know i am putting on the HEI and going from a single barrel carb to a two barrel MC 2100. Is it going to even be a noticable difference ? I will still have the 273 gears with the four speed tranny and 33'"s . One thing I have always said is it doesnt seem like my engine is...
  14. pcozad1

    Going to the HEI

    We are doing the HEI on my scrambler this week . I am also going to replace the single barrel carb. I am hoping for a little more horsepower. I know that i will eventually end up putting in some lower gears .I have been driving it back and forth to work ( 30 miles each way ) quite a bit this...
  15. pcozad1

    Some new Pics

    Here are a couple new pics with the rear flares and rocker guards. Put a new gas tank in last week and got lucky . I was going to buy a new sending unit but when we took the old tank out the ground wire wasnt hooked up. Hooked it up and my gauge works great.
  16. pcozad1

    Crossing the Platte River

    Last summer we went to a jeep jamboree in central city Nebraska. I was not going to attempt this but after a few beers I thought what the heck Ill give it a try. We might have made it but the jeep in front of us got stuck and I had to stop. The picture tells the rest of the story. Cosmo was not...
  17. pcozad1

    Number one at car domain

    Hey I"m # 1. on car domain # 1 jeep and # 1 Scrambler. All I did was post some pics last night . Stop by and say Hi. Pat
  18. pcozad1

    Rock hard rocker bars

    It took a while but it was worth the wait. Louie at rock hard called last week and took my scrambler to his shop . He called today and said my jeep was done and he would drop it by the house. When I got home it was in the driveway. They look great. He now has them for the scrambler if anyone is...
  19. pcozad1

    one day till vacation

    Leaving friday morning for a cruise. Cozumel , Honduras, Belize. Bahamas, I am so ready for vacation this year.Pat:o
  20. pcozad1

    Wife loves the scrambler

    About a year ago I sold my bass boat and my motorcycle. My wife loved both but we never used the boat much after moving to nebraska. And I just got tired and a little scared of stupid people trying to killl me when I was on the bike. This last few weeks we have been taking the scrambler for...