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  1. CBRogers

    Proof CBRogers finally finished a Jeep

    I am still around just not really posting. life kind of got in the way of Jeep stuff. Like Josh said we fina got his Jeep all together and towed it out to the house in Boulder Colorado. He is there in college. so now to get started on a cj for the daughter for her to drive in High School. carl
  2. CBRogers

    Official bourbon thread

    I have a bottle of the Reservior Burbon, not the RYE but i like it a lot. I won a lottery down in Fla and had the Father in law pick this up for me. Wife is going to retrieve it during spring break Carl
  3. CBRogers

    For those working on the Mopar MPFI conversion

    This is the sticker that you need to get from MOPAR if you want to make your conversion CARB legal. Not sure if it would be legal to to take the image to a sign printer and have them put it on white background with black printing. Carl
  4. CBRogers Secret Scrambler Santa - 4th Annual

    Been running like crazy getting ready to travle south to ATL and Florida to show off the kids to the parents. But I did get a little of Texas in Va. Carl
  5. CBRogers

    Transporting Engine

    Here is what I use. I usually use scrap wood and take the caster wheels off of a Harbor Freight furniture dolly. If I have to buy everything it might cost $25 and it is very helpful to be able to keep these mobile in the shop. Also before you out wheels on it they are very good at keeping...
  6. CBRogers

    Brake pedal return spring

    Here is a picture of what I was talking about. Google Throttle return springs. Carl
  7. CBRogers

    Old Member Fernando Rico Cusi passes

    I just read this post over on MPJAI, my local Club. Seems that Frernando passed away this list week. Here is the post from one of our members. Fernando Rico Cusi First off I wish I could have posted this in the club forum. For those who knew him. He recently moved to Florida and got married...
  8. CBRogers

    Think I found a 401 in a 77 Cherokee.

    Hey guys. I think that I located a 401 in an older cherokee. Not for sure but the 7 digit of the VIN under the hood is a "Z" I think that is supposed to make it a 401. I did not get a chance to really look at the side of the engine to locate the number. The body is in pretty iffy shape, but...