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  1. CJ ATE

    Wheeling for hope event.

    Any body else planning to attend the April event? Would love to put more faces to screen names. See y'all there. Later Sean
  2. CJ ATE

    King Of The Hammers!

    Sorry I've been MIA awhile guys been busy with work,family,& a couple more builds. Just popping in to say hi and share some good news with my fellow Scrambler junkies. I will be crew chief for Mad Matz team #338 this year! I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas! Lol Buggy made 650 HP and 853ft...
  3. CJ ATE

    Jeep geek happiness!

    Went wheeling at Oakridge last weekend. Met Jeeper DD aka Dustin ...great guy by the way! I usually take the mutant CJ8 Juggy and head to big dogs this time of year so this was a lil different. Amazing variaty of rigs there CJ,YJ,TJ,JK,Willys,Yotas,Zukis,and even a built Isuzu pick up on 37s...
  4. CJ ATE

    RC addicts look what I found finally!

    Been searching for another CJ-8 body but Proline dicontinued them awhile ago and they are getting harder and harder to find. Looks like some one is remaking them under a differnet name. Woohoo!:bacon::bacon: Later Sean
  5. CJ ATE

    Oak Ridge

    Is anyone planning on going to Oak Ridge in April for the 4 Wheel to Heel event? Later Sean
  6. CJ ATE

    A MUST have for anybody working on any type of vehicle!

    Saw this on Invention USA last night and I was blown away! What a great idea! The older I get the less me and the concrete floor get along. You couple that with the 9 screws in my shoulder and this looks like a godsend to me! Expected cost is around...
  7. CJ ATE

    Help needed to get a set of doors from CT to VA

    Hey guys Im in need of some assistance. Finally found a good set of doors for the wifes Commando build but they are in CT. Having a friend of mine pick them up next week. Hes in Danbury CT and can get them an hour or so south. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Ideas? Thanks Sean
  8. CJ ATE

    Custom dash lights

    Someone on the board was offering check engine light housings made from stock CJ light bodies. Im not having any luck finding the thread via the search option. Can somebody point in the right direction please. Thanks Sean
  9. CJ ATE

    Top Shelf Scrambler

    Wasnt sure what to call this build. Then I remembered what it was like 18 years ago when I bought my first Jeep. I remember pouring over all the catalogs wishing I had the money and what i would build if I had the means to buy every top shelf part I was lusting over.:bow: So this seemed...
  10. CJ ATE

    I love dayshift!!!

    Sorry I havnt been around much lately . . . been a lil busy. LOL I worked 2nd shift at a job I HATED for 6 years . . . got let go and have a new job with more $ and better hours. Everything happens for a reason my friends remember that.:cheers::cheers: In the past few months quite a few projects...
  11. CJ ATE

    No more crawling around on the concrete!!!!

    Got the lift installed Sat with the help of a few friends, went very easy. Cant tell you how happy I am with this thing!!! :D:D:D:cheers:
  12. CJ ATE

    Now What?

    Feb 28th I came and had to tell my prettier half I got let go,parted ways,terminated,fired,fired the boss man . . . pick one. New feeling to me never been there before. To my amazement she was happy to the point of damn near giddy . . . new feeling number two. After some discussion she pointed...
  13. CJ ATE

    Crawler at a car show?

    Got an invite this year to attend the 31st annual MDA car show in my home town. This is a 3 day event that raises alot of money for the MDA foundation. Cars,trucks,bikes you name it are there. Strict guidelines and limited entry are the norm so you can imagine my surprize bringing a spray...
  14. CJ ATE

    Damn good day

    Went up to Crozet this past weekend with some friends and the kids. Brought the Scrambler and the mutant 8 crawler out to play. The prettier half (Kay) drove our mutant crawler(aka Lucky) and I guided for the day in the Scrambler. Cant tell you how good it felt to get out again after the winter...
  15. CJ ATE

    Whats really important?

    Well after 5 years of working 2nd shift I have decided to take another job. I made a damn good living along the way and for that im gratefull but Ive missed so much of my daughter growing up. Kay has been the saint she always is along the way but im tired of seeing her worn out just from staying...
  16. CJ ATE

    Wounded EOD Warrior event at Crozet VA

    We had a good turn out inspite of the rain Friday night. It was a lil slick in places but a whole lot of fun!!! I guided Sat and played on Sun. Together we raised over $2700 for the Wounded EOD Warrior foundation. Shot of the field line up sat morning. A couple videos from Sun Bodyshop...
  17. CJ ATE

    MOR comp at Crozet VA

    We headed up for the Mebers Only Run comp last weekend had a freat time. Finished 3rd stupid last cone! LOL Kay drove the 2nd half of the day and did very weel for her first time. Comp run Kay on Heckler Hill
  18. CJ ATE

    A lil fun at the rock farm

    Went to Crozet this sat to blow off a lil steam with my mutant CJ-8 scruggy thing(aka Lucky) Had my friend Patrick's 13 year old son along for the second half of the day. Always fun to get kids excited about something besides X-box!LOL We all had a great time. Pics and vids . . . hope I did...
  19. CJ ATE

    Not another one!!!!

    I blame this on Randy for selling his to some one else! LOL After a 16 hr road trip me and Kay picked the tires up from NC and the Jeep from TN. ALOT of work to do before its trail ready but she is very happy with her early B-day present. LOL Boys if you get your better half into Jeeps...
  20. CJ ATE


    About 4 months ago my welder got stolen from my shop. I live in a great neighborhood and have left the door up countless times to go get parts at the last minute. Hard lesson learned!:angry: If it wasnt for a good friend who loaned me his welder I would have been in bad spot! Thanks Joe!!! OK...