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    Shipping jeep parts

    I just found a set of Jeep Laredo wheels. I usually use Amtrak freight for large items, but they not shipping items because of Covid. Does anyone have a source for reasonably priced shipping?
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    Laredo package question

    I am trying to figure out what Laredo finishes should be on my 1983. Did all Laredo's have chrome bumpers? Should it have chrome mirrors and exterior door handles? Mine had black mirrors and black exterior door handles. Thanks for any information.
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    Laredo door panel question

    Does anyone know if the "chrome" trim on a Laredo door panel can be replaced? One of mine lost the chrominess.
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    Can anyone identify this style of step bumper?

    I found an aftermarket step bumper that I am trying to find out more about. Has anyone seen one like this before?
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    YJ aluminum valve cover fit earlier 258 engines?

    Will the Jeep YJ aluminum valve covers from a 258 fit the earlier Jeep CJ 258 engines?
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    Factory wheel questions

    Anyone know what this code means?
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    Source for replacement horn button emblem?

    Does any one know a source for replacement horn button emblems?
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    Input needed: Fuel inject stock 258 or 5.3L swap

    A little background. I bought a CJ8 earlier this year. It is a nicely optioned Laredo model. It has a rebuilt engine and transmission. The engine runs rough. I am on the fence what to do with the drivetrain. Do I keep it relatively stock or swap in a late model 5.3L and 4L60E? I know how good...
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    Steering wheel question

    My new to me 83 Laredo has the steering wheel with solid arms. It is not wrapped. I am trying to figure out what the factory Laredo steering wheel would have looked like. Thanks for any help!
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    Laredo grab bar rewrap?

    My factory grab bar leather is rotted. Does anyone know of a company that can rewrap it?
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    Laredo glove box emblem question

    Does anyone have information on the glove box door emblem on a Laredo model? My new CJ8 has a lot of sun damage and I can't tell what the emblem says? Is there a replacement source? Thanks!
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    Vinyl Flooring

    Has anyone tried vinyl flooring instead of carpet? Seems like a good price.
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    Source for odd, small parts???

    I have tried Quadratec and 4WheelDriveHardware without any luck. Does anyone have a source for the rubber plug that the e-brake cable goes through into the cab or the square plastic nuts the high beam switch mounts to? Thanks!
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    Tail light ideas???

    Does any one know of a good non-flush mounted tal light to use? I really don't want to cut the tub to flush mount. Has any one used military style tail lights? Pictures would be great!
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    Deleting the factory heater

    Has anyone removed their stock heater and replaced it with a Vintage Air or Hot Rod Air unit? What did you do to block off the fresh air intake from the cowl? Thanks!
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    Poison Spyder Custom CJ8 group buy

    I have been emailing back and forth with the new owner of PSC. I wanted to see if they were going to be making CJ parts. A lot of manufactures are focusing on Wranglers only. Well two good pieces of news: 1) The will be offering CJ8 parts as special orders and 2) they will offer use special...
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    Steering column question

    I need to know the distance from the dash panel to the collar of the column. Also how far is it from the firewall to the where the intermediate shaft meets the column? Thanks!
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    Poison Spyder tube fender install problem

    I bought a pair of Poison Spyder tube fenders right before they went out of business. They arrived without hardware or instructions. I am not sure what to do with the front of the CJ fender. Can someone post up pictures of what it looks like where the old fender meets the tube fender in the area...
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    Any one have Carfax account?

    I am getting ready to sell my Scrambler and it would be great to have a copy of the Carfax report. The VIN is 1JCCN88E8DT053870 Thank!
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    Half hard top problem

    Just got the Scrambler back from the body shop. For the past two years I had a full hard top on it. I am getting ready to sell it, so I put a factory half hard top on. The problem is the seat belt holes in the roll bar do not match up to the holes in the half top. The scrambler is a 1983 and the...