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  1. cruser

    Use or replace

    I am going to make this post/response easy. Been some crazy stuff around the neighborhood lately. Lol Use. Or. Replace. (I don't think I will be surprised) :huh:
  2. cruser

    Here we go again...

    Before.... Nov 2010 After.... Jan 2014 Looks like a surgery goin on here. :banghead: This will make the third engine. The first had a hairline crack in the block. Three times a charm. One thing is for sure, I can pull an engine and replace it myself I will post some...
  3. cruser

    Bleeding brakes

    I had to remove my axles recently. When I got everything back together, I am having trouble bleeding the rear brakes. Cannot get fluid to flow. The front are fine. The only thing that has changed is the rear brakes may not have been adjusted. Can that cause the problem? Or what are your thoughts.
  4. cruser

    Moving on build is done. Next project is on deck

    Pick it up in a week. 68 C10 custom SWB
  5. cruser

    Black Oxide washers and pan head screws

    I am searching for a source for black oxide washers and pan head screws. No luck in this town. Problem may be I do not need a hundred of them. Anyone know of a online source? I'm specifically looking for 5/16" flat washers. Thanks. :D
  6. cruser

    Dana 30 assembly

    I am considering replacing my dana 30 front diff assembly with a completely rebuilt one with new axles. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could get one ? My current assembly seems to have too many issues and I just want it to be right is kind of the reason I am going this route...
  7. cruser

    90 degree fittings for the clutch slave cylinder and reservoir

    I am needing to know the fitting size for the hyd clutch set up. I do know one end on both fittings is a reverse flare. I do not think The set I have are the correct size, could be wrong type of fittings maybe. Anyone have a link to the correct ones ? :cool:
  8. cruser

    Fun with Wirring

    Anyone want to take a shot at where the leads go on this small section of wiring harness ? It comes from the trans/transfer. Iam thinking one of these goes to the 4wd indicator for sure. Just not sure which. That's what I get for not tagging Everything..:eek:
  9. cruser

    Tilt wheel upgrade

    Does anyone know of any issues with upgrading to a tilt steering wheel ? Specifically the ignition input on top of the column ( behind the dash) blocking the brake pedal movement ?
  10. cruser

    I need this !

  11. cruser

    Wiper motor cover....

    Question.... If there is a cover mounted on the wiper motor, will the dash pad still cover it "normally" ? :confused:
  12. cruser

    Brake pedal bracket assembly support bracket

    I am searching for the bracket pictured at the bottom right of this photo. Anyone have one they are not using maybe ? :cool:
  13. cruser

    Pedal assembly mounting bracket ?

    I am also looking to get a picture of the pedal assembly where it Attachs to the top of the dash area. Not sure if there is a bracket there or not. Any help would be great :smokin:
  14. cruser

    Brake booster - bracket - pedal setup

    I am having an issue with the correct setup / install . The connecting arm on the booster sits low in the opening in the firewall. Not sure if it is suppose to be that way or not, Is there a thread showing pictures of this install that anyone knows about ?
  15. cruser

    After 3 years we are 1/2 way there LOL

    Finally set the tub this week. Long way from a stripped down frame. Minor victory. As many already know, its still a long way to go. But motivating...thought I would share. :smokin:
  16. cruser

    Found Hiding at the end of the road !

    Found this hiding... backwards even lol
  17. cruser

    Mechanical or Hydraulic clutch assembly ?

    I am sure this one has been hashed over once or twice. I have a 2.5 suspension lift and a 1 " body lift. I do not expect to trail ride too much, mostly daily driver. Which would be a better way to go in anyones opinion ?:cool:
  18. cruser

    Cracked sleeve on the steeering column

    Anyone have a spare ? :banghead:
  19. cruser

    what is this Part on a T4 Transmission

    The first picture is suppose to be the Backup Lamp Switch that is on the Driver side (midway down) the transmission. The second picture is the part I am wondering about. It is on the Passenger side (top). Any help is certainly appreciated !:crazy:
  20. cruser

    Steering column plastic sleeve cracked.

    Anyone have a spare sleeve ?