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    blower motor upgrade clarification

    Just to make sure I get the right blower motor- Use one from a 73 Blazer with NO AC Part#102 Thanks
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    Repair Manual for electrical

    What is the best repair manual for electrical wiring on the cj8? What to rewire the jeep and have hard time following diagrams on the internet. Thanks
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    Below rear corners

    Has anyone fabricated something below rear corners for more protection?
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    Rock Sliders

    Recommendations for rock sliders Thanks
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    power steering box

    Need to replace my power steering box. Setting up jeep to run 35 inch tires. Like to know what replacement boxes are available? Not looking to spend lots of money
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    Heater core

    Is there a heater core that is better than the stock one? I plan to do the motor upgrade? Thanks
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    pitman arm

    If I go to YJsprings and a lift kit Will the new pitman arm with the kit fit? Thanks
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    measurement for 35 inch tires

    Does anyone who runs 35 inch tires get me a measurement from the ground to the inside of the upper fender well? Would like front and rear. Thanks
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    Brake lights

    Brake light quit working. Looked under dash and no wires are going to brake plunger. How to temporary wire it until I do a full wiring job?
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    YJ springs

    Has anyone done this conversion? If so what kit did you use?
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    RE vs BDS

    I know people are running both but would like to know which is more trouble free. No sagging etc
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    Rear corner guards

    Will a CJ7 corner guards fit a CJ8? If not any recommendations on where to get them? Thanks
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    Door locks Again

    Does anyone know where I get new door locks? My dust cover on the lock is broken and will have a hole if a locksmith works on it. I tried a DL-22 lock but didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. don
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    anti rattle brake clip

    Can not figure out on how to get the brake pad anti rattle clip back on ? Any one have pictures? I have a 82 with 2 bolt caliper.
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    Disk brakes

    Do I have to change the brake master cylinder if I go to disk brakes in the rear?
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    tire carrier

    Does anyone make a aftermarket tire carrier that goes on the roll bar in the bed? Or is
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    chrome moly shafts

    Trying to update axle shafts in dana 30 What brand is everyone using? Lots of manufacturers out there. Thanks
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    how to measure track width

    How to you measure track width? I have a 82 but not sure it is a wide track. Anything else or tips to ID track width? Thanks
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    U bolt kit for corporate 20 rear axle Spicer 1310 u joint

    Getting conflicting part number for replacing strap kit with u bolt kit. Does anyone have the right part Numbers? I assume I can use the same kit on the Dana 300 Thanks-Don
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    Door locks

    Is their a separate key to open the doors? Only have one key for ignition. Also where do I find a schematic for the working parts of door? Thanks new to scramblers