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  1. AJM81CJ8

    Bestop Supertop Question?

    Question for people with the Bestop Supertop soft top. I have YJ half doors, will the stock style YJ uppers work with the Supertop?
  2. AJM81CJ8

    Installed a New MTS poly tank

    So I got my new MTS "15" gallon tank installed yesterday. I like the tank itself, but I have a couple of observations. 1. I don't think it actually holds 15 gallons. I put two in from a small gas can, siphoned a bit out of another car then put just shy of 8 gallons in it. I don't think I...
  3. AJM81CJ8

    Frame repair

    While doing the gas tank replacement, I have discovered that my frame needs some work just to keep it in drivable condition. My question is this: Does anyone make a replacement for the rear crossmember that the gas tank skid plate bolts up to? Not the very rear, but the one in front of that...
  4. AJM81CJ8

    Gas tank shields

    I'm replacing my original tank with a 15 gal. MTS poly tank. There are 2 plastic shields on my original. Do I need to get them out and reuse them? What are they for?
  5. AJM81CJ8

    15 Gal. Fuel Tank Sending Unit

    Looking for recommendations for the sending unit for a 15 gal. tank. Going to replace mine soon and I'd like to fix the fuel gauge while I have the tank out.
  6. AJM81CJ8

    SR4 and bell housing sitting around

    I did a T5 swap in my 81. I have the SR4 sitting in my shop. Input bearing is shot and it pops out of 3rd when you let off of the gas. Is there any point in keeping it or trying to sell it? Also, I have an extra SR4/T4/T5 bell housing. I'm thinking they'll make good scrap metal.
  7. AJM81CJ8

    White Paint for Wheel Restoration

    What would be correct for white paint on the wheels? I'm thinking base model wheels. What color of white? And what sheen? I don't think they would be gloss, but are they semi-gloss, satin, semi-flat? I'm am looking to buy a 15x8" wheel from Coker's for a spare, and I am would like to paint...
  8. AJM81CJ8

    Shifter Boot

    I need to replace the shifter boot on my '81 again. I have the SR-4, so I have the small round boot, AMC Jeep P/N J575 2010. I haven't been at all happy with the Omix or Crown replacements. Anyone have any suggestions? Are OE still available?
  9. AJM81CJ8

    Replacement Battery Size

    I'm sure this has been discussed a thousand times, but I can't find any info using the search, SO..... What size batteries fit in the stock battery tray? Group 55 and 56 batteries seem to be pretty hard to come by and there isn't a large selection available. Also, recommendations on brands/...
  10. AJM81CJ8

    MTS Company control cables

    Has anybody here used MTS Company ( control cables? Thoughts and opinions? How are they? Better than Omix or Crown?
  11. AJM81CJ8

    Heater core replacement/heater box rebuild

    Had my Scram out today. After driving for a little while I was getting smoke(steam) in the cab. Looked down and I have coolant coming out of the heater outlets. Fantastic. So I need to replace the heater core this winter. Since I already know that I have to remove the whole heater box to do...
  12. AJM81CJ8

    Help Identifying these wheels

    Hi, guys, Anybody know what these came off of? I just bought them and I am going to need a fifth for a spare. Need to know where to look.
  13. AJM81CJ8

    Headlight Retaining Rings

    So my Scram has a set of cheap wire mesh headlight guards/retainers on it. I want to get rid of them. I don't like how they look, they don't really fit right, and they are rusty. What headlight retainers work the best? I got universal one from Dorman, but the tabs don't line up. Go with...
  14. AJM81CJ8

    You guys need to check this thing out!!!!

    Saw this just now cruising around I knew you guys would love to see it. Somebod'ys bastard child of a project.
  15. AJM81CJ8

    Carb Linkage Rod

    I took the carb throttle linkage apart on my 81 to sand blast it and paint it. The rod that goes from the bell crank to the carb is cracked at the one end on the sides of the hole for the ball stud. Does anybody know of a source for new rods? Also, I was going to paint the rest of the linkage...
  16. AJM81CJ8

    Tilt Steering Column Options

    As I am a pretty large guy(6'5" x 390 lbs), a tilt column is almost a necessity. The problem I have is that my leg gets kind of wedged between the steering wheel and the door when I have them on. I am trying to see if there are any other columns out there that would swap for the Jeep column...
  17. AJM81CJ8

    WJ 4.0L, possible swap donor?

    Is a 4.0L in a 99 Grand Cherokee a good donor for a head and possibly FI swap? I may have one drop into my lap.
  18. AJM81CJ8

    Radio Mounting

    What is everybody doing for radio mounting? I'm trying to decide what kind of radio to get and how to mount it. Pictures would be of great assistance.
  19. AJM81CJ8

    Front Axle Overhaul

    So, I'm getting set up to do some work on the front D30 axle on my 81 this winter. I'm looking at getting Moog ball joints (probably from Rock Auto), the inner spindle bearings, front axle u-joints (probably Dana/Spicer), and Axle tube end seals. Can anybody think of anything else that I...
  20. AJM81CJ8

    Sunday afternoon trail ride.

    Just got back from going on a Sunday afternoon trail ride with my father-in-law in the-8. For those of you who are familiar with West MI, we went up to the Allegan State Game Area, northwest of Kalamazoo. We had a great time, but I was disappointed to find so many trails closed. There never...