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  1. Bugman

    Temecula CA??

    It's 9 hours away from me. I'd love to look at it but business is keeping me from a road trip in the near future. What's killing me is that my brother just moved from there!
  2. Bugman

    Value of a postal?

    Fantastic! Glad someone here got it.
  3. Bugman

    Need advice on which Jeep to keep...

    I vote for keeping the XJ. I've owned both and the Grand absolutely WILL have electrical issues along with a shorter life on the 8 cyl. engine. My boys are building my old XJ right now and we're having a thrill. I'm with BW. If you do sell the XJ I want second rights of refusal!
  4. Bugman

    Ok, thanks. On another note, does it look like you'll be having the festivities for Easter week...

    Ok, thanks. On another note, does it look like you'll be having the festivities for Easter week this year out in Moab?
  5. Bugman

    Hi Moabite. Have you had any dealings or know anything about Dixie 4WD in Moab? They want to...

    Hi Moabite. Have you had any dealings or know anything about Dixie 4WD in Moab? They want to become a customer of mine and I'm trying to get a read on what kind of reputation they have. So far, it seems that they have a large following but that seems to be online. Any input would be...
  6. Bugman

    Zipper stuck!

    Lube is your friend. If you can get a silicone lubricant with higher temperatures, like letting the top sit in the sun for a couple of hours to make the material more malleable, you're going to be able to work that zipper through the separated part. Be gentle at first but sometimes it takes a...
  7. Bugman

    Current Scrambler pics

    Hell, that's flat earth with all 4 tires on the ground. Piece of cake out in these parts. LOL
  8. Bugman

    Which LS swap radiator

    I've run a couple of different options with the Hemi. The best setup ended up being a Ron Davis aluminum with an external trans cooler.
  9. Bugman

    Current Scrambler pics

    What KILLS me in this pic is the price of 20 gallons of gas! We're $2.00 per gallon higher out here in Kalifornia!!!!
  10. Bugman

    Colorado Scrambler

    Ok. I'll give you that. Colorado is a spectacular place to own, travel, wheel and enjoy a Scrambler. BUT...California it is rather prestigious to own a Scrambler. Our state government is HELL BENT on getting ours off the road. If/when they get close to achieving that we'll be heading your...
  11. Bugman

    Cj-8 not worth buying?

    He's got Gremlins running around in his mind.
  12. Bugman

    Not a Scrambler, but almost

    In my experience, Land Rovers and especially Range Rovers, are very expensive to maintain, and regularly need a ton of work. At least, that was what I observed. I have family that have owned early Land Rovers and I've owned a few Brititsh cars. The prestige wasn't in having paid the original...
  13. Bugman

    Purchased my sisters Scrambler today.

    "The steering is absolutely terrible. It saws between 10 and 2 o'clock. Difficult to drive in a straight line. Glad I towed it home. Not very drive-able at this point." You"re Killin me! Most of us have experienced this at some time of ownership of our Scramblers...pre, during, post builds.
  14. Bugman

    New member saying hello

    Nice rig! Welcome aboard.
  15. Bugman

    What kind of feedback would you leave if you were me?

    I had a similar experience years back when I ordered a Warn rear bumper/tire carrier from a vendor who's since retired. The bolt holes were 1/4 inch off and took it back to get another off the shelf. Again a 1/4 inch off. Now I'm thinking about the lack of quality control AMC is known for...
  16. Bugman

    Early first Postal drive of 2020

    My youngest son now has his permit to drive. I've worked him up through our vehicles to the Scrambler. Hemi power and soft pedal keeps an anxious smile on his face. All in due time.
  17. Bugman


    You've tapped in to the best forum to help you with your Scrambler and all of the responses are spot on. The only thing I can add is that the respect of sentimental value for your CJ8/project will never be more than what you will find here. You'll find a great community here.
  18. Bugman

    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    So is it just me? I've experienced abdominal issues when working on, transplanting, wrenching on my various Jeep projects. Hopefully the remedy will not be reducing the time with your Scrambler. Rest easy and pay attention to your Docs.
  19. Bugman

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    That's the kind of present that deep down just feels GOOD! Merry Christmas.
  20. Bugman

    An update, could use some prayers.

    Wow. It's a lot to go through, dealing with two parents at once, especially this time of year. I've done that and the one thing I wished for was that time would slow down so I could take a breath and catch up. Ain't gonna happen. That's where sometimes being there for your loved one takes...