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  1. ElDee

    I'd like to purchase a horn button from you. If you'll reply with a venmo username - I'll send...

    I'd like to purchase a horn button from you. If you'll reply with a venmo username - I'll send over the $30. Thanks
  2. ElDee

    Another - Reintroduction!

    ElDee here.... I was prompted to post after seeing there were some other "old timers" returning. I joined in 2005, and had a long torturous relationship with a Jeep restoration facility - I don't believe they are in the Jeep restoration business any longer. I've enjoyed my Scrambler, but there...
  3. ElDee

    Wakeboard Tower Speaker install on Rollbar

    I'm curious if anyone has used anything like these clamps to mount speakers to your rollbar? If, so - I'd like any advice you might have. OR, if any of you boat owners have used them - could you give me some input as to how they might or might not work in a rollbar application. Thanks in...
  4. ElDee

    Round Two: Guess my 8's Issue

    You guys did so well with my clutch issue (and so generously participated) I thought we might try to diagnose my follow-up issue. There is a distinct sound coming from my suspension at very slow speeds (like pulling into a parking spot or the garage) that sounds like the threads of a bolt...
  5. ElDee

    Let's Play... Diagnose My Issue!

    Jumped in my 8, drove twenty minutes without issue, and without sound or warning - had a difficult shifting of gears. Double cluthching resolved the issue for a couple shifts, but quickly reverted to a struggle. Again, double clutching allowed me to return home, but their were many moments when...
  6. ElDee

    Issue Diagnosis - HELP Please

    I have experienced a sudden onset of gear shifting issues. I have a T-5 transmission. It reacts almost as if the clutch is not depressed. I was able to get home (just barely) by double cluthing. But there was still significant "resistance" going into gear. Once I got home, and the engine was...
  7. ElDee

    Diagnose my issue

    I've just started my jeep after storing for the winter. It starts, idles and revs without issue. But as soon as I attempt to drive, it coughs and coughs. It seems to have particular difficulty going uphill. It seems old gas would not be a big enough issue, right? I could run out the old and put...
  8. ElDee

    Ful Filler Hose Replacement

    I'm guessing I need to replace my fuel filler hose. I noticed a slow drip of fuel as I filled up the other day, but no drips after. Presuming that's what I need to do, is that a job a newbie can handle? If so, are there any tricks to the job? And, having read the posts regarding the wrong...
  9. ElDee

    Anyone in Knoxville willing to inspect a Wrangler for me?

    I know I'm asking a lot - but you guys have always been generous, so here goes: My broither is buying his daughter a Wrangler mall crawler. There is a potential Jeep in Knoxville, but we are all in Atlanta. It has a clean Carfax, but we're not comfortable buying sight unseen. Any chance any...
  10. ElDee

    Carfax Anyone

    I've noticed offers from members to perform a carfax for fellow members in the past. Anyone have current carfax availability? :thumbsup:
  11. ElDee

    Alloy USA?

    Anyone have any experience with Alloy USA Products? I'm looking at their differential cover. Just want a good solid replacement....nothing fancy and not top of the line...just a good price to quality ratio thanks
  12. ElDee

    HELP! FAST please... Axle Rebuild Parts Source

    Well, as embarassed as I am to admit it, it appears my builder did not do what he agreed to. And I am now dealing with the fallout. I need a complete rear axle rebuild. So, where should I go to get the parts... I need the lowest cost supplier for a Trac Loc Limited Slip Locker, Yukon Rear...
  13. ElDee

    Gear Swap Help

    I know this subject has been thouroughly discussed - heck, I even posted a similar question several years ago. But, I still don't have a definitive position, and I am now very close to needing to make a decision: 33x12.5 STS Tires 258 Carburated engine T-5 Transmission Exclusively road use...
  14. ElDee

    HELP - Please!

    HELP - Please! - UPDATED, PLEASE HELP see last post Get in the Jeep today, it fires up immediately, back it out of the driveway pass three houses and it goes dead as a door nail. Hardly sputtered, just silence. No juice to any gauges. Turn the key.... nothing not a peep. Clock doesn't even...
  15. ElDee

    Purple Power/Engine/Electrical

    I raised the hood on my Scrambler to investigate a smell of hot oil that I had never smelled before. Well, to my surprise I found that I had left the oil fill cap off after changing the oil. So, I would like to use purple power to clean the engine bay (it has a thin coating all over it!). So...
  16. ElDee

    Roll Bar Padding

    I know this subject has been covered in the past, but I would like to renew my interest in roll bar padding that fits a stock CJ-8 roll bar like it should. IOW, I know some of you have forced the standard roll bar padding designed for smaller diameter roll bars, onto CJ-8 roll bars. But, in my...
  17. ElDee

    Recent cranking problems

    I have recently had a few problems cranking my 8. It"s a stock set-up. On occaision it turns over several times before starting. A couple of times a puff of smoke has come from under the hood, after starting and dying out. There are times, however, that it fires immediately. If I haven't...
  18. ElDee

    Help! - Fuel Leak

    Help! - Fuel Leak ****UPDATE*** I have noticed that when I fill up my tank it leaks. My answer for that has been to not fill it up. However, this morning, I got caught up cleaning the windshield and filled it up. So, I just now found a pool of fuel directly under the engine. Upon closer...
  19. ElDee

    OT: Political....This Editorial brought tears to my eyes

    I thought most (if not all) of you would appreciate this: :cheers:
  20. ElDee

    Anyone in Vancouver? Up for a favor?

    I have found a great deal on a Bestop Super Sound Bar from a provider in Vancouver. The problem is - they want $100 to ship it to GA. I'm just curious if you guys have any suggestions for getting it hear for less - and more importantly if anyone is up for picking it up and shipping it to me in...